Sunday MvC2 Family Results

  1. SooMighty ddo eegyuht dda! - Sent/Storm/CapCom
  2. Salt and Pepper Saif, I mean Salt - Sent/Mag/IM
  3. Joey the Up Cummer - Mag/Cable/Sent
  4. Kent the Guy - Mag/Cable/Doom

There were like, 11 or 12 people. Nucca Jamaal was a no show. Steve Yoo was absent like I was in High school. And no one from Valencia were there. It’s cool. Better be at this one:


did Julius enter or place?


My bad nucca. Brotha had to make dat paper playa. Speakin’ of paper did someone say 40 dollars:confused: .


i doubt it, he barely goes FF and he wouldve been top 4.

july 23 tuesday tourney results

1st - soo
2nd - jaminis
3rd - me
4th - rio
5th - Rei Song
5th - Rei Songs friend (Chris?), sorry i forgot


Actually, Julius Jackson DID go to FF that night. He entered. He lost to me first round, then lost to CYF in loser’s.