Sunday Night Casuals @ James Games (Upland, CA)

An IEBG staple, come play with us at James Games!

Next Casuals: **Sunday, Sept 23rd **

James Games (in the strip mall)
364 W Foothill Blvd
Upland, CA 91786
(909) 946-4438

Time: 6:30pm till 12:30am

Cost: 5 bucks to play all night BYOC!

We will have setups for UMvC3 AE2012 P4A AE2012 on Xbox Tekken Tag 2 will be on a PS3 setup.


  1. Respect the venue

  2. Read rule #1

  3. Play hard

  4. Level up your game

  5. Trash talking is permited (Its part of the culture just keep it in check and dont get out of hand with it)

  6. Smokers if your going to smoke outside of the venue please make sure the door is closed and smoke a little distance away. There is a nice patio area. Please use the cigarette bin for your butts!

  7. Alcohol is not allowed inside the venue. Open alcohol containers are prohibited on campus in public spaces.

  8. Theft = perma ban

  9. Maintain personal hygiene

Every one here is chill we never have problems so lets keep it that way!

Feel free to post up if you guys have any questions.

sorry guys no casuals this week. there will be a UMvC3 tournament / casuals next week!

console casuals tomorrow at James Games from 6pm to Midnight, 5.00 to play all night all stations are Xbox 360 so BYOC

games we will be running


if your interested in helping out by bringing a extra monitor and system hit me up.

see you guys there.

for are you people that still play mvc2, there will be a farewell high roller hybrid tourny at ffa tomorrow at 8pm. entry feed is $30 and 10% goes to the house. tourny will be run on dreamcast and arcade, come show ffa some love for its last few days and everything this arcade has done for the past 39 years

I should be there tomorrow (the 18th) after work.

no casuals this Sunday folks.

no session today.

we will return next Sunday with the final installment of the Ranking Battle Tournament Season!

tournament today at James Games Arcade! signups/casuals start at 5pm tournament begins at 6pm AE2012, UMvC3, TTT2 & KoFXIII
all the info can be found on our SRK thread here : [Dec 9, 2012] IEBG: RanBat Season #3 FINAL! UMvC3, SSF4AE, TTT2, KoFXIII @... (Upland, CA 91786)