Sunday Night Fights at UCI

UC Irvine Sunday night fights tourney for last week was hot but we forgot to post results

Riverside vs. Irvine 3 on 5 round robin battle in Capcom Vs. SNK 2

Riverside team was Me (C-vega/cammy/sagat K-CBS A-kyo/bison/blanka), Sir Phobos (a-are), and Pigadoken (p-random/sagat-3)

Irvine team was Dentron (n-iori/rolento/sagat), Mr. Bean (OTK, K-cbs), Eugene (C-guile/ken/sagat), Khoa (A-Ken/sakura/chun), and Ken (can’t remember)

score 15-1 Riverside

Pigadoken suffered the only Riverside loss of the night to the hands of Dentron I believe when he was caught picking r3 cammy r1 todo I think. Loser’s of this tourney now owe boba to the winners that should be repayed tonight.

ANYWAYS, stay posted for tonight’s SUNDAY NIGHT FIGHTS tournament! I hear UCI has been beefing up all week while we in riverside have been getting drunk and playing poker to help sharpen our CVS2 Skills

tonight will not be forgotten


someone needs to record matches and spectators!!!111111111111

albert was using sagat and cammy u fag. and as far as your memory goes we won that match 9 trillion - 0 because bean jd’d ur cammy bullshit. besides, what kind of gorilla math are you using to get 5*3==16? GG

sound like im bitter? nah i just like swearing at jesse =\

r2 sagat 100 percent life= ucrollerblader r2 blanka pixel life full meter=dentron
ucrollerblader taunts… accidentally pauses and unpauses
Jesse-"ok dude you get a free combo"
Dentron-“K!” ACTIVATE, chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp

throw custom owns ur balls

GGs! Some of the highlights from last week:

  • Dentron’s crazy activate, fierce throw with Blanka for the lose :sad:
  • Dentron’s crazy A-Groove scoring the first win for Team Irvine
  • Bean’s crazy FULL JD of Cammy’s upward super :smile:
  • Bean’s crazy Sagat doing low short, run up, fierce tiger uppercut on Jesse to chip FTW
  • Eugene’s crazy C-Guile shenanigans
  • Khoaker’s crazy A-Groove shenanigans
  • Ken’s crazy A-Groove skills from Camelot!!
  • Albert’s crazy Sagat doing jumping RH, far standing fierce xx super
  • Jesse’s crazy anti-air Raging Demon :wow:
  • Sir Phobos’ crazy walk-up activates that work, but they really shouldn’t

I’ll bring the camera again for more hijinks tonight! SNF!!!

when you guys play, are there enough wake up supers?
cuz if not i would like to come play some time.

you guys may think that im a stupid for posting this, but i can’t wait to play you guys in the future so that i may whoop some butt, im calling all of you out

im better than Irvine.

i am too

where do you live right now? I’m going to norcal this weekend lets play for money!

see u in the bay area:tup:

i will be in fresno for thursday and friday, going back to san jose hopefully friday night or saturday morning. There’s a San Jose Golfland tournament saturday night but im probably not going to that. If you’re free Saturday afternoon, we can probably get a few money matches going on. Sunday I should be free too…how far is Tracy, anyway?

I’m not going to the SJGL tournament cuz ill be going to a party. I’d invite you, but i don’t need a hottie like you impeding my quest for pussy. especially cuz i really need some right now.

Wows…that’s honesty right thurr…

If Jal can pull small jump rh, stand fierce, super on my small ass characters…I just may quit.

Holy white man! Dent’s in town too??? We all must play!!!

Wepeel, I still can’t put a face on you…and you suck for not bringing the pussy to SJGL’s tournament ('cause that’s what real gamers do…). Y’all lemme know if there’s gaming going on this weekend…

im down to play whenever. i dunno if imma have a car though so i might needa hitcha ride with jesse


but yeah, invite me dick, i’m the supreme wing man