Sunday Night R.A.W


Hey Fighters and Players alike, looking for some VF5:FS action? Looking to have your matches on stream (and eventually on Youtube)? Well you’re in luck because this is the place. Every Sunday on Twitch, Sunday Night R.A.W. pits veteran and highly skilled U.S. VF players against each other in a FT5 - FT10 bout via XBLA/PSN. Whether you’re an expert or a novice at VF, the idea is to make all VF players skilled at the game (also discovering new players that have yet to show their skills on this game). Practicing in the lab is great but playing against other fellow players have always been the solution to making good players become EXCELLENT. Hosted and Commentated by BLACKSTAR, ShinyBrentford, JackoRCB and a few other veterans of everything Virtua Fighter (and everything SEGA in general) This is one of those opportunities that every player seeks for, making a name for themselves and making the community more vibrant and alive with each diverse character and strategy each player provides as the play Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. I’m looking forward to seeing new faces and new voices at Sunday Night R.A.W.

If you guys wanna check out archived bouts of VF5:FS check out BLACKSTAR’s channel: TheBLACKSTARmovement

If anyone wants to compete in the weekly Sunday Night R.A.W. by all means let your voice be heard and follow the link below.
See ya there!