Sundays "LEVEL UP" at UAT

In an effort to boost the player base and help those that want to be serious about getting awesome at SF4 (And other fighters) we’re going to reserve the room at UAT to host huge practice sessions. I’ll get there around 12 noon to start setting up, and we’ll play till people leave, or midnight, whichever comes first.

I want to see huge turnouts, so I’m going to ask some people to bring their setups so we have a minimum of 5-6 sets going, plus the random games that people want to play as well.

We’ll do practice tournaments with cheap buy-ins to get people tournament experience, and practice. The tournaments will be run only on a couple of sets, so casuals can take place nonstop. (The focus of this is getting people a lot of practice)

If you’re trying to improve, or if you’re one of the best wanting more practice, come on down. I wanna see upwards of 50 people every week!

(Note: Ranbats will be held there Sundays moving forward for the rest of the season as well)

Time: Noon till Midnight

Place: UAT (2625 W. Baseline Rd., Tempe, AZ 85283 on the corner of 48th street and Baseline. In front of Fry’s Food and Drug)

Bring: Your AAA game, and will to get better!

Text me at 480-296-5819 if you need any specifics answered.

HUGE thanks goes to T-Dot for staying on top of this, and QCF for making sure this happens.

So I was just informed that to sweeten things, if we have more than 30 people a week, we get free food!

More incentive to tell all your friends and make this huge!

free food?

oh fuck

Nice, I was torn on what to bring to eat this time anyways.

I will be there for sure.

i’ll be there, as i mentioned in the other thread, i’ll bring garou and the JP PS2 to play it on, as well as sticks(i think mango requested i bring it).

I might show up.

bitch you better

i’ll show up… it’s 5 mins from my house. plus i need to sprikle some of that shit-brown abel on you fools

bitch you better!!!

What’s going on for Friday son?! We need a real Power up.

I’ll bring a ps3 on sunday but I won’t show up till probably about 1pm. I get off work at noon and need to pick up louie. bring an extra ps3 stick! I only have 1!