Sunika Shinobi Ichizoku - Bushinryu Practitioners List



Greetings fellow Sneaker Shinobi,
In an endeavor to share tech and assist each other in leveling up our Bushinryu, perhaps it would be wise to provide our XBL/PSN/Stream, etc. pseudonyms.
Please format as follows:

GT/PSN/Stream, etc. : Please state each handle, (example: GT: Shinobi, PSN: Ninja, Stream: Shadow Run and so forth…)
Fighting Game Experience: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert - You may also state if you are a casual player or Competitive, Harcore, etc.
Guy Experience: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Alts: (So that we can potentially help each other with Match-Ups) [Perhaps even Edition Selects for Ultra]
SFxT: Yes or No, if you play SFxT and Guy is on one of your teams. (You can also say, Yes I play SFxT, but do not use Guy)
Times Online: If you can give an approximation, great, if not that is fine…
Mic: Yes or No if you do or do not have a NON-kinect mic.

Also, please send a message if you are sending a friend request to let people know where you’re from. (SRK)

FG Exp: Intermediate [playing since SF2 released in Arcades] (Amateur/Beginner in Competitive FG experience) - Competitive/Training for Tournaments
Guy Exp: Beginner in AE & SFxT, Intermediate in Alpha series…
Alts: AE/Ultra-Rose, Chun-Li, Evil Shotos, Cody, Rolento - SFIV (Vanilla) - Fei Long, Gouki, Rose
SFxT: Yes, I use Guy. (Lars, Jin, Cody, Rolento, Bryan/Nina, Ken/Dhalsim)
Times Online: Varies…
Mic: Yes


GT: AdGuerillaTech
FG Exp: Rookie [playing since SF2, but not competitively till Third Strike] (Beginner in Competitive FG experience, haven’t played outside my local scene other than with online play) -
Guy Exp: Intermediate in AE, rookie in SFxT, Rookie in Alpha series…
Alts: Guy in a black Gi.
SFxT: I use Guy and Ryu
Times Online: During most Daylight Hours and late evening, GMT.
Mic: I don’t typically plug it in, but I’ll use it if we agree to.


FG Exp: New to the scene (about 3months) use to play sf2 back in the day on SNES
Guy Exp: Intermediate
Alts : Ibuki and Zangief
SFxT: Not gotten the game yet but will be soon. Would prolly team up Guy with Ibuki
Times Online: Normally around 9:30pm PST
Mic: Have one but dont normally talk in matches, too distracting


feel free to add me if anyones looking for some sparring/ running sets. normally on around 9pm pst


GT/PSN/Stream, etc. : GT: IIMEJORMANII PSN: shrekbad youtube: shrekbbbad
Fighting Game Experience: intermediate (playing since street fighter third strike in arcades. Amateur/Beginner in Competitive FG experience) - Competitive/Training for Tournaments
Guy Exp: intermediate in AE 2012& SFxT, beginner in Alpha series…
Alts: Yun, Viper, Bison, Sagat, Zangief
SFxT: Yes, I use Guy. B rank online player haven’t played for 2 years
Times Online: evening pacific time 10pm
Mic: Yes


hey shrekbad add me on xbl if you wanna run sets, looks like we on around the same time, just wouldnt let me add you on xbl under IIMEJORMANII

also cool to see you signed up at the dojo :slight_smile:


PSN: Solidusfox1
FG Exp: Intermediate (Been playing SFII, but more competitive since SFIV)
Guy Exp: Intermediate
Alts: Cody, Deejay, Dan, Evil Ryu
SFxT: Yes, but only a beginner
Times Online: Varies
Mic: Yes, but I never use it