SunocO's Avatar Request Thread

Just Request an Avatar. If i can do it i’ll do it. thx!

<Clock> ------------------------------------ J.MM.R

Raven Zwei ------------------------------------ The_Dragon

Longsh0t ------------------------------------ DrumlinerJoe

Srk Battle Poll

Up For Grabs

:sad: got any non-premiums? The “iSuck” one is really funny though:rofl:

i’m not really good at making non-prems cause of the filesize limit.


Can I have it?

HAah sure Clock It’s all yours

Thank You

that one is preety good man:tup:

Dibs on the Studiotraffic one!

Why is there a burger king spoof though?

haha Duc is the King that’s why! jk i have no idea… but it’s all yours.

Shatterstar Thx man! i love your work in the <blank> girl threads :tup: :tup:

edit - oops i took out the old bustashin AV to touch it up a little bit… so shatters quote is gone :sad:

im glad at least someone does…

i think ppl are ashamed to tell you :clap: :clap:

I appreciate you too…and so does my weiner. Ummmm…for the pics that is.


ay, man, i dont play that gay shyt, man:nunchuck:

Hahahahahaha What gay shit?

I was talkin’ about the pics you post.

Besides I have a girlfriend. So calm down.


<Clock> Rei touched up your avatar if you want this one instead. It’s much cleaner than the one i made. Up to you though.

TAKEN by <Clock>

He spelled AWHILE wrong. But Yeah I’ll take it. :pleased:

yo, Sun

since uve been helpin a lot of people with their requests then why dont you just rename this thread to somethin’ like SunocO’s Avatar Request Thread; that’s if you can handle the flooding of requests…

<clock> - damn i realized that after you mentioned it…dont know where Rei is right now.

shatterstar - that’s a good idea… but i don’t do any over the weekends though… only during work haha. maybe i’ll change it on monday. hrm i also like to pick and choose too… some of the things ppl ask i can’t do.

I wasn’t actually intending on it being used for an avatar or anything. I was just showing Sunoco bitmapped fonts. Someone get me those doom, strider and sent sprites, and I’ll spell a while correctly.