Sunoco's Comic Super Avatars


What do u guys think? if you want one custom made… i can do it hopefully… i know there’s some errors still working on it.

Up For Grabs

Merdoc (Pickup)

FallingEdge (Pickup)

Looks good, need a little work but looks good.


thanks! yah those white spots are bugging me but it’s hard to get rid of it… tried erasing but doesn’t work :sad:

edit- when u mean needs work, what do u mean?

SunocO, good luck on your thread.

Thx a lot y2j…no one seems interested though haha… i’ll just keep em for myself then

This thread makes my browser slow down and gives my dog seizures.

the animation too fast?

actually both of them looks nice. But if i would modify it is when the first 2 pic comes up there is no background until the 3rd.

like no colors within the borders of the 2 smaller pics?


I’m REALLY suprised that no one has asked for one of these yet. If I hadn’t already asked Nas for an Avatar I would have loved to have one of these…maybe later on. That is if your still doing them.

That Cyclop one is my favorite so far.

I love the concept, but there is something I can’t quite pinpoint to give it that “wow” factor. I mean the cyclops one is great in terms of animation but the end composition looks a bit off. Of course it’s quite sad because you have to keep the composition that way in order to make the av work.

I dunno, perhaps you could actually just make the comic panels appear, instead of slide in. Or make off balanced like comic panels instead of filling up the entire thing.

The other thing that I imagine would be best used is actually make the entire comic page (even bigger than the 160x100 limit) then pan using a blur to other panels. So it’s kinda like actually reading it. I dunno those are just ideas I’m tossing about.


More original than most everyone else here. At least it’s new. Man there is a lot of taggers suddenly.

I canceled my other post,cuz this looks so cool, can you make me a cable one saying ‘‘Air Hyper Vyper’’?

woah i was so sad no one responded while i was at work lol. but no w that i got home and checked i got lots of love thx!

yah i’m new to this whole shit in general, i’m the worst artist ever. and a lot of stuff on adobe products i’m learning as i make em.

But thanks all for the comments…i feel more motivated now!

Merdoc - word i’ll make you a tight ass one but i’m so assed out right now from work…i’ll do tomorrow morning though at work and work on it all day haha :tup: :tup:


I don’t love you at all man.

You know what i mean…

And you know what I meant.

hahah okay

btw i think my first request for an avatar was from you… but ganondorf wasn’t considered 8 or 16 bit :sad:

Hmmm it had more to with the complete lack of sprites. Also, I put so much effort in to my avatars I avoid making them for people who never post. The only reason I started tagging was because bitches ignored my avatar requests…BASTARDS!

yah i started tagging cause no one took my requests too hahaha
and yeah the lack of sprites was the cause of it if i remember correctly… and i rarely posted too.