SUNROUTE CUP (Denjin Arcade) Feb 19-21 3s SF4 with MOV

This is the event to replace California Regionals!! If you live in California you cannot afford to miss this!

As the thread title mentions, this year we will be flying out…

MOV (2006 and 2008 3s SBO Champion)

This event is also sponsored by Meat Bun


Venue Fee



Any other misc concerns or questions please post in this thread and be sure to continually check back as more and more information is updated.

Hope to see you there :wgrin:

Pre Reg List

3s Teams 3v3

  1. Team Koshien no Michi - pherai / MattxChin / EricxChin
  2. Team ? - Riot Guard / MrGoneHatesYou / Dander
  3. Team - Justin Wong / Rom / Ricky Ortiz
  4. Team NC - Knuckledust / COMMONSENSE / !(_)!
  5. Team - Nica K.O (yang) / Reset (ken) / Chronus (akuma)
  6. Team 911 rules - ThyAllMighty / Hai / Stan
  7. Team 730 - 4y3Paragon/Kazzy/King Raoh
  8. Team Southtown - JC Exclusive / Willy / the Muffin Man
  9. Team - Rob G / NG Marc / TomC

SF4 Teams 3v3

  1. Team - Justin Wong / Marn / Ricky Ortiz
  2. Team - Destruc(t)1ve / KWheelie / Commander Jesse
  3. Team Shadaloo - Coffee / Fulgore / Wicked
  4. Team Roppongi Kings - ThyAllMighty / Ironfist / Haunts
  5. Team Fransisco - Stebalo7 / Hellfyre / Paper
  6. Team - Daezo / BustaBust / Sherryjenix
  7. Team BRZ - Brandon / Anthony / Kilomax
  8. Team - Phenomenub / DimeX / Strider86
  9. Team Southtown - JC Exclusive / Willy / the Muffin Man
  10. Team Cesar - Cesar / IronReaver / Jesus
  11. Team Thats What She Said - Solin / Cynistar / Gouki_Cookie
  12. Team HiDef- Hai / David / Wes

******* Special Announcement *******

Clothing brand Meat Bun has agreed to sponsor Sunroute Cup! Meat Bun specializes in gaming culture clothing and of course, have a collection of unique Street Fighter inspired styles. They will be on site throughout the weekend with a booth set up, as well as giving away some merchandise to the winners. Be sure to to check them out at or stop by their booth this weekend.

Definitely not missing this.

Have sign up times and tournament start times been set yet?
For the team tournament, will same character teams be allowed (i.e. a chun/chun/ken team) or no same character teams allowed?

see everyone here

Can’t wait. This is really really cool

Get nasty!

Horrah! Good thing I will still be in California for this.

Count San Diego 3s in…NNNN, LBR aka AUR aka im driving, ABOM, and me. thx for doing this DENJIN, you are the shit!


If you do not attend this you do not play any form of Street Fighter.

Or a bunch of *******~

I took a job in utah for the second half of February i’ve never regreted trying to make money more fml.

I’ll be there for sure

P.S. I need a team for 3v3 who will take me?!

P.P.S. Can someone pick me up from Burbank?!

Is there going to be a stream?


Denjin is too sick for making this happen!

When did season 2 ranbats start btw? I entered one on November 7th for 3s. Im poor so avoiding the venue fee would be a plus for me.

wow, no sticky yet?


Damn bandwidth. Double post

I’m down to go to this… should be fun.

Why a tourney for sf4?