SUNROUTE CUP (Denjin Arcade) Feb 19-21 3s SF4 with MOV



This is me training for the Sunroute Cup

Sticky this right now!

i will be here or be square

Yes. More info on that will be posted later.

Yes I remember you entering. You’ll be fine.

this is gonna be mAD hYPE yOO!!!

PS: there will be a pool party during the team tournament. bagrat has set up an inflatable pool in the back. bring yo swim trunkSS!!!

Why do I have to be on the road when this happens? =[

you forgot to mention DJ ratbagz!

Will definitely be there with my swimming trunks!

I haven’t been out to Denjin to see you guys in forever. <3

i bet i can swim faster than you

i challenge bean to a race, butterfly stroke only son

Big props to you guys for getting Mov and Momochi over here. A lot of us are craving for more Japan vs US matches. And although I really enjoy watching Daigo’s Ryu I’m glad to see that you guys got a different top Japanese player with a different main. Although I’m sure we’ll see him bust his Ryu at some point which is also gdlk.

congrats to denjin staff on pulling this off!

i know from experience how complicated it can be to fly in a japanese player =)

seriously, keep up the great work, you rock! good luck with the event!

Seriously budgeting out tickets to SoCal right now…

this is the most important american 3s tourney this year imo.
console doesnt matter.

Its goin down! This shit is all or nothing for 3s, Haunts and I will likely be there.

Thanks a lot!

And yes its absolutely a lot of work, and others have been doing way more work than I have :sweat:

lets do it big baby

I actually thought if Brazil can get RX, we can get MOV and someone. The someone just ended up being Momochi.

Thanks for the great idea.

I just remembered that the whole recent season of the Denjin Ranbats was intended to raise money for Mov and Momochi to make it out to Denjin for this event. This is unbelievable, and its gonna be a great opportunity for the American players to get some exposure and experience playing some of the best Japan has to offer. This is coming up very soon too. I will definitely be there. Looking forward to it.

Yes, I also want to point out that we have no sponsorships, no one funding us except the community. Many players that go to Denjin have put in a lot of hard work and money to bring them here as well as those that have continually attended Denjin events.

If anything, I want to say that this tournament was run by the community, I think those kind of tournaments are very few now, not trying to put down tournaments that aren’t.

But think of this as a throwback to the yesteryears where all tournaments were community run, and was run in an arcade. I, as well as others, having grown up in the arcade, want to do our best to keep the arcade scene alive as long as possible, knowing that in a few years, arcades will probably be extinct. We obviously cannot compete with these big tournies now that have big sponsorships and big pots for the winners. But hopefully this will turn out the way we envisioned it to be.