SUNROUTE CUP Results - 2/19-2/21 - Industrial Wasteland, CA

3rd STRIKE 3v3 TEAMS (22 teams)
1.) “Punishment” - Pyrolee (YU) / 5star (KE) / MOV (???)
2.) “We Don’t Play this Game” - ROM (YA) / Ricky aka Risky Ortiz (CH) / Justin Wong (CH)
3.) “Team Sherwin” - Renic (AL) / Amir (CH) / Surewin (DU)
4.) “Kai Sucks” - Kai (CH) / Gootecks (UR) / Sextaro (MA)

SF4 3v3 TEAMS (27? teams)
1.) “Team FFA” - Justin Wong (RU) / Ricky Ortiz (RU) / Noel Brown
2.) “Beast Mode” - Vicious (RU) / KillerKai (RY) / Red Venom (VI)
3.) “Team MOV” - Sextaro (RU) / Kai (EF) / MOV (KE)
4.) “Low Tier” - VictheSlik (BI) / UTJ (DH) / MrKOF (KE)

3rd STRIKE 1v1 (52 players)
1.) MOV (CH)
2.) 5star (KE)
3.) Pyrolee (YU)
4.) Sextaro (MA)
5.) 4y3Paragon (YU)
5.) Gootecks (UR)
7.) Vinny (KE)
7.) Ricky Ortiz (CH)

SF4 1v1 (64 players)
1.) Justin Wong
2.) Marn
3.) ShadyK
4.) Mike Ross
5.) Ed Ma
5.) Amir
7.) Vicious
7.) Joe Dubbs

Nice… MOV beasting singles, from losers no?

yes 5star beat him in winners semi’s

3rd STRIKE singles/teams have been captured. we will be uploading them to our denjin youtube account shortly. a link will be provided when editing/uploading has been complete.



Too bad I couldn’t make it today, but hey I went on friday =] .

Good stuff on recording, just as good as a stream.

congrats to justin winning tonight! a lot of good matches, good job to everyone

match of the night Sherryjenix vs Josh P.

This tournament was awesome, so glad it happened.Great seeing everyone again! MOV = too good. Great seeing him play in person! very inspiring. To those of you who traveled out here / drove from afar thank you for coming out and supporting!! 3s was INSANE and it was awesome to see such great matches.

oh and thanks sherry for the rice krispy treats! they are always good!

freakin awesome turnout everyone. gimme a week and I’ll have my pictures up on a site for you all to download.

good stuff, I quit

karnovs karnovs karnovs

fun weekend

It was Cute <3 ~ !!!

GG’s to everyone I played this weekend and thanks for denjin for running sunroute.

Please stop smoking in the back and the front. It makes the arcade smell like a ashtray. cough cough

Congrats to you all for running this tourny

Im waiting for vids now =]

We’ll be sure to smoke inside from now on

Good tournament everyone. I’m currently uploading videos. Because the file size is insanely huge, I’m chopping them up per round. That way, I can get more or all of the videos up today. :slight_smile:

SF4 singles
Justin Wong (7-0)

  1. Marn
  2. ShadyK
  3. Mike Ross
  4. Ed Ma
  5. Amir
  6. Vicious
  7. Joe Dubbs

I have the bracket so if you want to know where you were let me know.

Videos will be here:


gg’s everyone. 3s was very exciting to watch, MOV is a beast but so are the denjin players.
lots of interesting matches in sf4, hope everyone had a good time like me. :slight_smile:

nice to see everyone again, and congrats to those who did well.

very well run tournament, so congrats to you as well denjin guys.

MOV is cool

wow, i just realized amir got top 5 in sf4, lolool

thank you glenn for the recap/results for sf4!

Great seeing everyone and love to Bagrat for having such a sick arcade. Yeah, it’s far but it’s always worth it.

In light of Justin Wong’s suggestion, maybe concession should carry Nicorette gum. Just a suggestion.

cool meeting all the people I did, fun games and MOV is the best

will the 3s be uploaded to the same place?