'Sup. About HDMI to VGA conversion and lag input


Answer any one of these if both are too much, I don’t care. Partially even, w/e.

  1. Will there be any additional input lag in utilizing a cable like this? My PS3 lags slightly on my Samsung through HDMI. It’s very good, but not good enough for the skill level I’ve gotten to on certain games. I hear most Samsung HDTVs, in fact practically all of em are near enough lagless through a VGA cable. Will this cable just defeat my effort?

  2. My HDTV is 1080p native and the PS3’s internal upscale program is known to troll any game I forcibly output in this resolution. Yeah ya know, input increase. The one thing I like about the 360, dat hardware upscale.

If I upscale a 720p VGA resolution through this cable here could shit go down or will it not matter? 720p computer signals seem lightning fast on this, I’m guessing it lacks post processing on PC mode. If it does, and I hope to god it does, does that mean having to upscale/downscale will not catalyze much input delay?



Converting digital to analog will not be instant. As for if it’s laggy enough to notice, no idea.


Look for the PS3 VGA cable maybe by Mayflash, or the Sony Playstation Component video cables (they are the same as the PS1/PS2 Component cables)
The cables where video is split into 3 different color plugs (not including audio) of Blue, green and Magenta, Audio is white and red.

All converters have lag at some degree, some more than others.
HDMI to VGA isn’t pretty, not just visually but also performance wise.


That cable isn’t going to do what you think it will. Darksakul has your answer.


Thank you. And Samsung HDTVs are pretty imba in PC mode most of the time, right? I’m hoping 720p VGA will run this train smoothly.

What do I do about composite to VGA? God Hand and Capcom vs SNK 2 are favorite games of mine.


they have composite to vga adapter which is not a bad conversion since both are analog signals so there should be no lag or Pick up god hand on the ps3 network and CvS2 on the Dreamcast

edit: get S-video to vga its set up from composite


So in summary, there’s no way for me to shave off lag on a 1080p native HDTV for PS3, a console that outputs mainly in 720p and has shitty internal scaling. I’m screwed? Using my full propensity on Dark Souls and bullet hell shmups and rhythm games and HD fighters will forever be an option confined to CRTVs? What the fucking hell. (at the facts if so, not this advice, it has been lovely)


you can pick up Micomsoft Framemeister but it will cost more than your tv


If you’re really that concerned about lag, but want to still game on an HDTV, your best bet is to pick up a cheap-cheap HDTV. Around a 32", with a 1366x768 panel res. Cheaper the tv, generally the less image processing (usually just noise reduction, which you can turn off). I have a 32" Dynex and a 32" Panasonic that are excellent for gaming. The 32" Dynex cost me $700 in 2007 (which was cheap back then), an the 32" Panny is available for $300 still.

That being said, I also have a 50" Panasonic GT50 plasma which according to reviews, measures at 16ms in game mode. Gotta love plasma and its generally low input lag. :slight_smile:


I came up with my plan. My HDTV isn’t terrible for HDMI based gaming so I’ll keep it for that, I’ll use a vga slot with the 360 and find a Mayflash composite to vga cable. I do not know where on fucking earth to get a Mayflash Multi VGA though. Nowhere seems to ship to the UK for it.

Oh ok, I heard about HD Box Pro. I hope it’s lagless with composite to vga.


Composite is 480i, and you’re gonna blow your 360’s composite up to 1080p and put it on your HDTV? You sure you want this? Why not just use the 360 itself in VGA, it’s one of the few consoles that does it natively?

Spell this out for me, what are you trying to connect, what isn’t working, and what solution are you going for?

I’m a rhythm gamer btw and I keep a SD CRT around for IIDX. Simplest solution if you can afford the space.


Or you can like… get switches for multiple devices using the same input.


Er, I was talking about my PS2 to VGA… I don’t think I mentioned even having a 360 in this thread? I might have. Yeah I do.

PS3 = Through HDMI, I might use HD Box Pro to make it VGA if the lag is 2 frames or below.
360 = The official VGA cable.
PS2 = Composite to VGA.

PS2 into composite isn’t working well on the HDTV. TROLLOLOLO Gene being bitchslapped left and right, I bet I can’t play any fighter from last gen half way decent. 3rd Strike, too.

PS3 into HDMI, I’m not sure how well it will work at high level play. It feels responsive, but I’ve yet to really divulge myself in a high level fighter and check how it is.


Stop making posts like this, just stop


Don’t be a troll about it if I said some b.s. call me out on it. I don’t hook up things like I explained as composite is crappy signal but that’s what he owns. I was just spit balling ideas. If your the expert help the guy out


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You mention composite on your PS2, have you tried component? Maybe your TV treats it differently.
Is your PS2 modded in any way? You could try GSModeSelector to internally upscale your games to 480p, 720p, 1080i, (best bet is probably 480p or 720p) though that program has a lot of caveats.

And I don’t think any of those devices will have no lag at all. Negligible enough for you to not notice/care, perhaps.


'Tch. This situation sucks. Ok. Are TVs known for treating component favourably?

edit: What the fuck @ 360 fighters being so much better lag wise yet SFxT having so many guest characters on the PS3.


I just think it’s worth a try, component looks better anyway for technical reasons I don’t feel like typing out. Hey, that could be part of it, if they try and filter the crap out of composite in case some schmo plugs his DVD player in that way so that it doesn’t look like ass, but don’t do as much processing on component. It’ll still have to deinterlace 480i games, of which CVS2 is one, but any upscaler (inside or outside of the tv) will have to deinterlace, and you’re at minimum one field behind when that happens.

Some TVs do lag more than others, and as I was explaining to some fellow gamers the other night, gamers like us who want to keep plugging in PS2s and older consoles to the TV and would notice non-instantaneous response are a very tiny niche. Most TVs don’t have people like us in mind.


Thanks much for the feedback.

Well ok while we’re discussing the probability of someone giving a shit about this, I was really bad at videogames for a long while and never really did much playing despite professing a constant fondness for them. Recently, I’ve been enjoying them for the first time since I was six. Mushihime-sama Futari on Ultra Mode, God Hand, and I’ve thought of picking up a fighter competitively or relearning Capcom vs SNK 2. Since I’m actually pooling effort into playing games and not just face rolling something casual for an hour a month, I can discern lag rather easily now.

PS3 wise, will a CRTV still lag on 720p games as it will internally downscale the signal? Or does it output 480i through composite natively? I’m still gonna just go with composite or HDMI for my PS3, I was just wondering.

For PS2 I’ll give composite a try or else find a cheap CRTV.

Sound cool?