Sup Cammy fans!

Hi im Alexanima from DR. As you can clearly see i main Cammy, i think shes great in overall and a fun character to play as(not to mention her OP cannon spike). I want to fight some hot Cammys (or any other character) online plz add me, my PSN tag is Alexanima.

Hope to have some fun with you guys online, see ya later.

P.S : Screw Sagats, a good cammy player can beat him.

also an avg sagat player can beat a good cammy …

Cammy is great…

A good Cammy player can beat a crappy Sagat player… sometimes. lol

If you take two people with the exact same skill level, and have one use Sagat and the other use Cammy, the Sagat will win. He’s an overpowered piece of shit.

But it’s always fun to beat one.

if you lose to sagat, you can take solace in knowing that anyone who uses sagat is a coward.

sagat :rofl:

OP Cannon Spike? As in Overpowered? Why can’t I spam this move like Sagat spams his Tiger Knee:sad:

Cool pic:rofl:


So much little faith on us man… Ive faced many Sagats online i can tell ya, we cammys give Sagat a hard time. To be more specific ,last friday i was facing some pos Sagat with 62k GP and he sent me a message telling me “Sorry but im gonna own your cammy” before the damn match even started, good thing for me he had not heard about me, and guess what BAM ALEXANIMA won!!! lol yes, i had to work really hard for it, but it was worth it. Ive beaten a lot of good Sagat players, but they also have beaten me, so its like a “retarded balance” between a god-like character such as Sagat and a medium-good character like cammy.

What i meat by CS being OP is that when you actually do a CS at the same time as any AA in the game it has priority over it. This is how i usually beat Sagats, i run to them trying like im gonna grab then, they do the damn tiger uppercut and at the same time i do the Cannon spike, and bam cammy beats it, then change strategy, run to them and then grab them, they will eventually cover because they will think you are gonna do another cannon spike, and i just mix it up., then hooligan throwns, some pokes, CS cancels for more damaging combos and stuff. You guys should really try it.

Add me me on psn : Alexanima:chat::cool:

guess you never faced holding down back lamers…

CS isn’t close to being as overpowered as the Shoryuken. It may beat it at times, but the Shoryuken beats crossups a lot more than CS. It’s this stupid little auto-correct feature SFIV has, and it’s the dumbest thing in the world.

I Disagree

Ill have to disagree with you. You have no idea how many times i’ve done this, i rarely get hit by a shoryuken when i input CS at the same time, its just crazy man, you should definitely try it. People keep cursing at me, sending me trash messages at my PSN because my CS overpowers their shoryuken.

I may just have to try it, I guess the reason I always get hit is because I ALWAYS do Cr. Medium kick to hit confirm into CS.

Hey next time I’m on I’m gonna add you. I just made it to G1 earlier today so I probably won’t be waaay super cool awesome hyper power daigo guy, but I’ll give it a shot.

I think if you hit the CS after SRK then CS will win since it still on it invicibility frame or something like that and vice versa

I’ve been doing empty crossup -> CS lately and since people dont expect it they dont know how to react and it hit like 80% of the time and if I timed it correctly I dont think they can :db: it since it will hit the frame where they standing just before :db: (like the meaty hooligan grab thing)

honestly i can say i’ve never played THAT good of a sagat online. not saying im the shit or anything, cuz i’m not. but maybe most sagats i’ve fought are just scubby lol.


Just be patient. Do not rush, just wait for the proper time to punish Sagats mistakes.

lol here’s my sagat pic!