Sup fan art gallery (can I join the club again?)

Basically, I got a drawing tablet. I am now having a shit load of fun.

cool, I like to think elena is burning with vigor!

I like your coloring, but your anatomy could use some work, that girl in your last post looks like she has a broken ankle. their faces dont quite flow with the rest of them. still, I like that elena.

This is a hilarious picture.

Albino Football master?

Get that on the phone with hollywood.

I think I am going to have to hit you up on “The AIM” to talk about writing skillz.

haha. I like this… she looks so determined! :slight_smile:

Hi guys.

hey, welcome back :slight_smile:
you’ve really levelled up your coloring! great selection in your pics.

<3 the DJ one! XD

[LEFT]Damn, it’s been a minute since I’ve been here. More recent stuff, including another Chibi commission near the end. I think he can form his own doujin publishing outfit, just with the artists he has on tap.[/LEFT]

The way you color is very nice. It makes the pictures make sense, and nice variety of style too

Love the girls pigging out on the ice cream.