Sup fellow sagat players! I have decided to join you guys ^_^

So ill put it out there I LOVE MUAY THAI! In vanilla days I did not play sagat because he was The best character in the game and i don’t roll like that ^_^.

Now he has been toned down and tier whores have droped him. so I decided to try him out in training mode a few days ago. Long story short i play sagat now. Feel pretty good about it too because I get to rep muay thai with adon and sagat. I also play gouken but thats for other reasons.

So anyway you guy will be seeing me around and feel free to give me tips on how to use sagat the right way. Im still new to him and i hardly use him correctly as of now. Im still trying to master the fundamentals and take it further from there.

I will say this much I love this angry scar move. my favorite combo is clk x3 clp xx HP TU FADC Angry scar EX TU ULTRA ULTRA ULTRA ULTRA ULTRA!!

Does so much damage but take ALL of your Super and ultra meter heh.

well you guys will c me around. Im gona start reading the many sticky topics and learn as much as I can and feel free to help me at anytime. peace

oh and btw people what are the best topics to check out to improve my game. i c topics scattered all over the place and im aware that some non sticky topics are also good reads for information.

so HALP MEH OUT :slight_smile:

read the q&a thread, match up threads, and go into training mode and don’t come out until you master his bnbs…

Gotcha thanks I have been spending alot of time in training mode with him already though ^_^. To be honest I found that angryscar combo by myself just messing around.

You might get a lot of style points for that combo, but the chances to use it probably won’t happen too often. Keep it simple and you will prevail.

Indeed I hear you on that :slight_smile:

I like how all sagats normals combo as links not chains. teh skill and timing. I feel right at home since I play stiff ass adon lol.

yea man, don’t worry so much about those combo videos of LK LK angry scar TU…timing is so strict, not likely in real match. POSSIBLE yea, but online tought. Havent’ really seen anyone in a tournament using it though

OMG SAVII MADE ME NEW AVATAR IM SO HAPPY NOW!!! anyway I didn’t even know you can lk lk xx angry scar xx TU WTF. The timming for that must be god like !!!

BlackBlazeQ nice to see you on the forums haha

Ha! get out of here. Yea Im really trying to get pro level at this game so im gathering info and trying to apply it and level up my game. I plan to go to evo next and im gona find local tournys in my area.

I should be online tommorow we should get some more matchs. Your freind we played today was good. I had to leave to get some new parts in my stick.

No offense bro but I wouldnt try maining Sagat and expecting to make it deep at EVO.

Especially if you no tournament experience to date. Should probably try and make it to a major or two before you start gunning for evo.

Ahh come on guys i know for sure that sagat still is a Tournament fighter We just need To work hard and learn the match ups better

Yes me having no tourny experience will make things hard and I don’t just plan to go to evo without trying to go to other Major tournys. Oh and you guys act like sagat is the worst character in the game now. He’s still good and a skilled fighter can still win a tourny with him.

I wish i stayed in Cali or NY or any other place where tournys are big so I can can get this experience. Only tourny ive been too is one at an anime con and I was shaking and could not think with all the people yelling. I really need to control my state of mind and I will be wearing headphones playing music the next time I go to a tourny.

You’ll get used to all the hype and noise.
Just wait till you are the reason that shit is so hype.

^ yeah first time I was the hype at a tourney I started to sweat a little. actually it made me choke, and I got 2nd :frowning:

For real though I wish this thread was a little more happening cause I just can’t stop playing Gat, I keep saying I might drop him for Akuma because I think Akuma has less bad matchups, and more damage output overall. But Nope Sagat is so much cooler! Like its been said around here a couple of times, it just takes more work to get the damage done. And his bad matchups, well Bison handles those characters. except maybe Guile. Thats a bad matchup for Gat right? It sure feels like it…

Is angry scar more key to Gat play now?

Last thing, All the guys that post their footage in the vid threads for me to learn matchups I thank you for that energy you put into it, and hope to see as much of it as you can possibley post. I learn so much from them!

Yea I love comming to shoruken its like an information hub for us trying to level up our game. Oh and guile vs GAT lol is like a 6-4 in guiles favor >_> according to the new japanese tier list.

Oh and anyone who knows muay thai is cool bro :slight_smile:

Greetings BackBlazeQ. I’m actually a huge fan of boxing. for that reason i’ve tried to main Dudley and Balrog, but just had to eventually go with Sagat bc overall, he’s the coolest character in the Street Fighter series. He’s been around since SF1 and his story has alot of depth to it. I agree that Sagat can still win tourney’s. I’m nowhere near good enough for tourneys, just a casual player. My goal is to get better at the game and just get decent online. But at tourneys or online streams, i’ll be rooting for fellow Sagat players. Oh and i did main him in SF4 but i still main him and the nerfs have brought my winning percentage down a little, but i actually like it better now that he’s mid-tier, bc there’s less other sagat players out there, and i don’t have to feel guilty.

Welcome to the team! I’m sure you’ll make a great uh…pot monster!!