Sup hugos b+ wut wut

so as i am sure you are all aware Hugo got promoted to B+ in japan.
this puts him above Elena, Necro, Ibuki , Alex, Q, Sean, 12, Remy

now i know the math is guessed on this since we don’t have the matchup chart but he had -33 before. so he should be somewhere around where elena and buk buk were at +2 or +3 now.

so even if you move up all his current matchups just 1 spot he is still at : -20

so he substantially improved against at least some of the cast even past moving from 3-7s to 4-6s.

I’ve been feeling for some time now that Hugo is pretty competitive with only a few exceptions…

But is it crazy to think he might go 5-5 with the likes of urien, yang, ken or ryu??

Hes getting those points from somewhere, it might all be from beating the other low tiers now but somehow i doubt it…

Awesome, now I don’t need to worry about people getting up my ass for using a “low tier” anymore. :slight_smile:

If you’re playing with people who actually take offense to what character you use, you’re playing with the wrong crowd dude.

hugo got that upgrade? Where is this listed?

im bumping this thread because someone posted in a tachi gigas thread again and it needs to be known that hugo has a whole lot more going for him than that…





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i still think dud is 8-2 tho :frowning: :frowning: :*(

discuss as well

To be fair, you can attribute most of that to there being very few Hugos that are all goddamn gurus, but it’s still great news.

Hugo-Yang 6-4 I can easily believe, and Hugo-Urien 6-4 at a push, but Hugo-Ken/Makoto 5-5… no way. I think 4-6 would be generous at best. Just what are Hugos doing right these days? Has there been a shift away from Gigas in SA selection? Or even more rigourous Gigas usage? I can’t see where those figures would come from.