Sup SRK. Want my Employee Discount at PUMA? AGAIN!? :)


Sup SRK! It’s the PUMA Friends and Family guy again. Guess what? The Employee Discount for my friends and family is back, and I wanted to give it to you guys again!

(Printable Coupon & Coupon code at the Bottom of the page)

So for those who don’t know, I work at PUMA, and they gave me a coupon for 40% off your entire purchase to give to my Friends and Family (you guys :wink: and you guys get a discount at Any PUMA store, OR Online. The only thing you can’t use the coupon on is items already on Sale. Other than that THERE IS NO CATCH!

The Promotion starts this Friday, Dec 3rd - Dec 6th

**Here’s a breakdown of the coupon:
[]- 40% off your entire purchase at Full Price PUMA stores and Online
]- 30% off your entire purchase at Outlet PUMA stores
[]- You can use this at ANY Puma store or Online
]- The Promotion starts THIS FRIDAY Dec 3rd through Dec 6th.
And that’s it!

I know a lot of you missed out on the coupon last time, so here’s your chance to get it again. :slight_smile:

Here are the coupons:


Printable Coupon: bc5bd8dcfdf357 (if you dont find the retail barcode on this, you just need to write down 774800 on your printef out coupon to use it)

Happy shopping, and Happy Holidays, SRK. :slight_smile: doesn’t seem to carry size 16 and over shoes…:sad:

Let me help you find your size.
PUMA Men’s Shoes: All Styles - PUMA Online Shop

There you go! :slight_smile:


I will probably cope that again!

sounds good. thx! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this great holiday gifting opportunity. Again.

<3 <3 <3 you!!!

Sweet! Thanks.

Random question, but how are the Puma Tech Pants? Tech Pants - PUMA Online Shop

The description doesn’t really say anything and I can’t find anything on them. Are they pretty warm and wind resistant?

Are those like the soccer pants with the zip up on the ankles?

Missed this the first time because I had no job, but that won’t happen this time! Thanks!

No idea. They were made for Puma’s sailing team which made me think they might have some wind resistance and warmth. Never bought Puma stuff before, so I don’t know about their soccer pants.

Was thinking about getting a pair of those or the graphic fleece pants.

they look thin…but i cant see them being lined if its for the water…because then they’d absorb water.

Do Puma’s run big are small? Thanks for doing this!

personally i think they run similar to nike’s.

Hell yes… You’re the man!!!

what exactly did you get for winning?

and yes i will be buying another pair of pumas

On the printable receipt, the coupon code isn’t showing up or the barcode. What’s the deal?

Our 2 1/2 year old only likes Pumas. Thanks :smiley:

got a smartphone? just show it to them.