Sup with a sale on that DLC for AE


J’mon Capcom! I’m tryin to snag them outfits, but dam that’s a lot of points for only one outfit per character. Be cool if you could just by an outfit for 80msp per character so you could buy the ones you want without having to get ones for characters you don’t use.

I know they had one a few months ago. They should bring it around again soon. I’d just straight buy the big packs if the had a good sale on them.


It’s a basic business strategy. They’ll make more money selling packs of costumes for a higher price point, than selling individual costumes for a dollar.


Yea. I’m sure it definitley works too. Cause I almost feel like caving in and buying one of those 1440msp packs. Just sucks cause I really only want costumes for 4 characters, and they all happen to be in 4 different 320msp packs :\

Ima still hold out for a sale though. I’d be kickin myself if I bought a big pack now, and they went on sale 2 weeks later. Won’t hold my breath on it though.