Super #3 Setups

What are some good setups for the #3 super? ones that will limit the ability of the other player to parry the super hopefully, heh.

backthrow > hadouken xx denjin

or blocked srk xx denjin and released at a random time… since you’re really close it’s hard to parry on reaction

nothing fancy, but the other setups are easy to parry

Scrub players that dont know how to roll. hp, srk, denjin.

Other than that your best bet is to do this SA in the corner.

Try asking Frankie3s

ton of different set ups. main thing i think is, try to use it every round though. thats what i get from watchin frankie play he uses the meter almost everyround . even if the rounds ending and hes way behind he’ll just throw it out there and see it it’ll hit anything. youd be suprised how often it works. i remember i watched him play someone the other day in a team tourny. just threw that shit out jab fireballxxdenjin, charged for two hits and release from mid screen. the way he used it though he made it extremely hard to parry, the denjin got there about the same time as the jab fireball and it all hit for the stun (he only needed 50 percent stun to get him). another time he just threw it out there against a player when he was way behind from nearly full screen . did wake up dp (hit) XXdenjin charge. charged it up all the way to level 5. obviously opponent was waiting there to parry . on release, while opponent was parrying he super jumped at him with mk and it hit the guy into a combo :lol:.

point is theres about a million uses to it and it all depends on what the situation is, figure out what works and dont be gunshy with the super (something im very guilty of, i always try to set it up for a specific set up but alot of times good players wont let you set it up right) just let that shit go