Super 8 (ET gonna kick some ass) New JJ Abram Movie


Trailer - Super 8 [media=youtube]CqvZMhRB5cE[/media]

Offical website - Super 8 | Trailer & Official Movie Site

Super 8 (2011) - IMDb

Looks impressive


why do i feel like im watching amazing stories when i saw that trailer?


Abram usual style of not releasing images of the creature until the end.


God show us the fucking monster. Fuck. Bet it’s the cloud of smoke from Lost.


Nah, you just gotta know where to look:

Super 8 Forest Ghoul Photo and Plot Details -


charlie sheen


it looks pretty cool. I’m sure I’ll peep it.


if you pause it at 2:1350 you’ll see it.


I’m excited for this movie. Reminds me of a more contemporary version of E.T., but still taking place in the 70’s/80s (based on the look of the trailer).


Reminds me of The Mist which was okay.


Really enjoyed The Mist, one of those underrated movies. DVD is worth buying one of the extras is a black and white version of the movie.


This is out isn’t it? Haven’t had a chance to go see it


I enjoyed it, it had a good story line with a mix of mystery. Reminded me of modern Et movie


Movie felt like a modern day Goonies, I enjoyed it.


Super 8 was pretty good. Kept me interested the whole time. And yeah, it did remind me of a modern day Goonies. I was mad the colonel mad the black dude go check first. :lol: