Super A+ Grade: Strider Combo Thread

UMVC3 Brady Guide Combos by Daniel “Clockw0rk” Maniago

469, 700 damage, 18% meter loss:

c.:m:, st.:h:, c.:h:, :f:+:h:, :s: xx forward super jump, j.:m:, :m:, :h: xx :qcf:+:l:, forward jump, j.:m:, :h: xx :qcf:+:l:, st :s:, forward super jump, j.:m:, :m:, forward double jump xx:h:, :s:, land, :qcf:+:2p:

notes - air :qcf:+:l: must hit three times for the rest of the combo to work.

543, 500 damage, 27% meter loss, midscreen required:

c.:l:, :m:, st :h:, c.:h:, :f:+:h:, :s: xx forward super jump, j.:m: xx forward double jump, :h:, :s:, land :qcb:+:s:, :qcb:+:s:, :qcf:+:s:, wall :l:, :m:, :h: xx :dp:+:h:, :dp:+:l: xx :qcf:+:2p:

notes - Doubling jumping after air :m: and performing :h:, :s: causes Strider to fall to the ground faster, giving you more time to summon Formation B and fire it. Firing it, performing the wall cling and then attacking all must be done as fast as humanly possible for it to work.

489, 400 damage, 33% meter loss, corner required:

c.:m:, st.:h:, c.:h:, :f:+:h:, :s: xx forward super jump, air :m: xx forward double jump, :h:, :s:, land, :qcb:+:s:, backwards dash, :qcb:+:s:, forward dash, :s: xx forward super jump, j.:m:, :m: xx double jump, :h:, :s:, land, :qcf:+:2p:

notes - backdashing before firing Formation B ensures the projectile hits late, giving you time to juggle after it. This will not work otherwise because of hit stun decay.

588, 400 damage, 49% meter loss, mid screen required:

c.:m:, st.:h:, c.:h:, :f:+:h: xx :dp:+:l: xx :qcb:+:s:, :qcf:+:s:, wall :l:, :m:, :h: xx :dp:+:h:, :dp:+:l: xx :qcf:+:2p:

notes - you must start with Formation B summoned for this to work. The positioning for this combo is less strict than combo II as your opponent can be slightly closer to the corner than midscreen for it to work.

541, 000 damage, 26% meter loss, mid screen required:

forward jump, forward double jump, air :h:, :s:, land, c.:h:, :f:+:h:, :s: xx forward super jump, j.:m: xx double jump, :h:, :s:, land, :qcb:+:s:, :qcb:+:s:, :qcf:+:s:, wall :l:, :m:, :h: xx :dp:+:h:, land, :dp:+:l: xx :qcf:+:2p:

notes - double tapping :uf::uf: causes Strider to perform a shallow double jump close to the ground. This mimics a very low jump that allows for near instant over head jump attacks at close distances. This example shows a mid screen combo. Near corners, continue the combo after :h:, :s: hits with something similar to combo III.

488,500 damage, 24% meter loss (against airborne enemy):

forward jump, j.:m:, :m:, :h: xx:qcf:+:l:, land, st.:m:, :s: xx forward super jump, j.:m:xx double jump forward, j.:m:, :h:, :s:, land, :qcb:+:s: x2, :qcf:+:s:, wall :l:, :m:, :h:xx :dp:+:h:, :dp:+:l: xx :qcf:+:atk::atk:

notes - this is a midscreen combo starting off the low jump instant overhead trick. The jump attacks cannot be done against very small crouching, like Rocket Racoon, Ameterasu and Morrigan.

411,500 damage, 57% meter loss:

front or back throw, :qcb:+:s: x2, :qcf:+:s:, wall :l:, :m:, :h: xx :dp:+:h:, :dp:+:l: xx :qcf:+:atk::atk:

notes - After Strider lands after the throw, you must summon Formation B as quickly as possible.

372,200 damage, 67% meter loss:

front or back throw, :qcb:+:s: x2, forward dash, :s:, j.:m: xx forward double jump, j.:h:,:s:, land,:qcf:+:atk::atk:

notes - Again, summon Formation B as rapidly as possible for the OTG.

**716,900 damage, ****120% meter loss, **requirements: 2 bars, X-Factor, midscreen:

c.:l:, c.:m:, st.:h:, c.:h:, :f:+:h:, :s: xx forward super jump, j.:m: xx forward double jump, j.:h:, j.:s:, land, :qcb:+:s: x2, :qcf:+:s:, wall :l:, :m:, :h: xx :dp:+:h:, :dp:+:l: xx :qcf:+:atk::atk:, XFC, :rdp:+:h:, land, :qcf:+:atk::atk:

notes - Here’s an X Factor combo that tacks on additional damage on Combo 1 when you need it and leaves a lot of X Factor time left over for the next challenger if the previous is KO’d. Be sure to activate X Factor just as you perform the hyper combo to ensure its damage is buffed. Wait until about half the robo-animals hit, then perform Vajra. When Strider lands from Vajra, cancel its landing period into Legion to ensure the animals OTG in time.

771,500~941,600 damage, 5~32% meter gain, requires X-Factor:

c.:m:, st.:h:, :f:+:h:, XFC, st.:h:, :f:+:h:, :dp:+:m:,:qcf:+:h:, :s: xx forward super jump, j.:m:, :m: xx forward double jump, j.:h:,:s:, land, :qcb:+:s: x2, forward dash, :s: xx forward super jump, j.:m:, :m: xx forward double jump, j.:h:, :s:, land, :qcf:+:atk::atk:

notes - Omit Ame no Murakamo when near corners.

Honourary Striders: Maziodyne.

Isn’t the Day 1 combo L, M, H, S, j.M j.M, j.H, j.236L, H, S, j.M, j.M, j.H, j.S, land, 236+ATK+ATK?

If you was going to make all these threads, I think it would have been better just to use Karst’s template.


geez that day 1 Strider damage is ass. his lvl 1 super does like no damage at all and he had to use Ragnarok to break 420k. smh. we got some work to do guys.

You have to take damage scaling and Legion’s OTG property into consideration. It also hits nearly full screen :confused:

just saying that for a day 1 combo his damage is pretty disappointing, but of course that’s to be expected. I found X-23’s damage also ass and it turned out her best combos came with new tech that the players discovered. it’s all a matter of time imo as to when we’ll find better ways to increase the damage with his combos (preferably without using Ragnarok). anyways, it seems Excalibur is the main culprit of all the damage scaling in Strider’s combos. after the second one used in the corner, his j.S did a whopping 2,400 damage.

Yeah the damage is pretty disappointing…

Though maybe its because Strider’s mix-up game is good with select assists so… that’s the price for Strider doing nothing but scratches instead of meaty slashes

Vanilla Zero all over again.

Plus it’s Strider (who has 750k health) which means he’s going to be as cheap as possible and most likely have about the cheapest, hardest to block mix ups in the game. He can set up his own left/right assist mix ups from full screen with that satellite projectile.

Vanilla Zero all over again, well said Jin.

I wonder if Strider Dante will be as godlike as Zero Dante.

Just need to discover Strider’s magical assist partner.

Having trouble breaking 400 meterless. Anyone have the guide/ play strider that is doing any better combos?

the damage given on the combos from the guide is pitiful, with the most damaging one (requires midscreen) being 543,500 for one bar. beyond that, all I can say is as much as possible avoid using Excalibur L since that scales your combo by a lot. the one I mentioned (the second one in the OP) doesn’t use that move, instead an OTG Formation B and wall cling chain into super. the guide recommends using Strider’s double jump in combos to allow him to fall faster.

I’ve found the double jump. I’ve been trying things like launch M double jump H S, shoot satelite dash Gram M relaunch. Getting about 380 but its some work. Trying to use all the bounces early since he gets 90k off those moves. He also seems to have a very low or no min damage so adding hits doesn’t help him as much as Zero.

Like DevilJin said, I think Strider will be a character based around resets more than raw damage.

Strider is gunning for Marvel 2 OG status at this point since his damage seems so ass without using a ton of meter, so instead IMO we should be looking for 400k+ meterless combos that open up into a reset afterwards. that’s how Wesker got most of his damage in Vanilla and played his battery game. Strider should be able to do that and more, given his toolset. less emphasis on combos, more on mindgames and cheap stuff. if he really can’t break like 600k with one bar then he really is a Marvel 2 OG, plays different to most of the cast in a game that has an emphasis on execution and high damage combos (as of Vanilla at least). still stuck in 2001. he’s forced to do more resets instead of combo exhibitions unlike most of the top tier in this game, and staying true to Marvel 2’s resets.

The possibility of him remaining a low damage character has me a bit concerned if this game ends up simply becoming about damage like in Vanilla…

Midscreen 397 : S.m F.H Gram (L) xx Orb Shot dash Gram(H) dash S, j.M j.M j.H j.S.

The air chain could possibly be replaced for more damage.

Strider can link a dash j.M or J.H after ground chain into orb shot. Maybe a chance to pick up a jump loop into higher damage.

He has a rom like SJ loop, j.m double jump j.m, j.h, land j.m double jump j.H j.S.

At the right height you can use the double jump to make excalibur hit once or twice to lessen the hits in the followup.

There’s lots to try here. But he will be a reset character I agree there.

That’s not his most damaging combo. I’ve not finished adding all the combos from the guide yet. His most damaging combo in the guide comes in at 941,600. Pretty damn good for a character that isn’t meant to do damage.