super/Ae/2012 guy



hello what does guy have in those version? I came to the scene in Ae 2012


Super- Worst Version of Guy primarily. The only positive things he honestly had were this. Close featured 20 frames of blockstun making > run stop -1 and +3 on hit. Guy’s Bushin flip did 200 damage. That’s as good as it gets, his grab range was .8, His TC had horrible range, had reduced range, had reduced range, start up and recovery were much slower. had reduced range. Cl.HK had a different hitbox, Basically a lot of his normals were bad. His super did 300 and had the issue of dropping characters out and Ultra was 2 frames, EX tatsu had a smaller hitbox, All hozantos could be punished by SPDs, EX Run Stop required 10 frames before activation. EX Runslide did not go through projectiles, only had 2 hits of armor, EX Runover would go through projectiles but would soar over crouching opponents (Same with Normal Overhead)

AE- assortment of normals got buffed, bushin flip damaged reduced to 180, EX Tatsu got a better hitbox. LP hozanto become -1 and MP hozanto became -2, LK tatsu became mid and throw invincible (Lost its low.) EX Run slide got projectile invincibility, normal run overhead could not soar over most opponents (still happens to some low profiles and EX Run overhead.) EX Run moves could be activated 4 frames after Run. Super got a better hitbox overall and got a damage buff. U2 became a 1 frame Ultra. TC got buffed, his throw range got buffed.

2012- Elbow drop can be down with diagonal down, backward walkspeed buff, I believe TC was buffed again, Ultra 1 got a movement speed buff on the first hit. Believe that’s all he got from 2012.


you forgot to mention cr. short became 3 frames in AE. i can’t remember if it used to be 4 or 5 frames… i know you said assortment of normals got buffed, but this buff is notable and was one of his most important ones in AE.


Yeah the most significant buff Guy ever received was cr. lk being 3 frames. There was NO sense in that move ever being 4 frames. I seriously wonder if Capcom wanted early Guy to be bottom tier on purpose or if they thought he had something that would make him OP. Didn’t he only have 1 hit armour on EX run back then too? Absolutely pathetic!

Suffice to say, this whole ‘use older versions of your character’ thing will make no difference to Guy players at all. He’s still being buffed in every iteration to make up for everything he should have had from Super. I think he’s the most misunderstood character in the game, by both players and developers alike.


I’m assuming this edition select will be an entirely different mode or exclusive to Versus, otherwise the nerfs in Ultra will make no sense at all.

And damn, Guy was so shit back then. That immobile Ultra 1 is disturbing to watch.


Didn’t feel like listing every normal that got a buff. He had 2 hits of an armor… even wrote that there


edition select is offline only


Oh my bad, it was the 3rd hit of armour on the run stop that was the buff they added. But yeah, the slide going through projectiles was a huge buff too! He was still slow as hell and had pretty mediocre normals back in those days though. He just had ridiculous damage on bushin flip grab, which everyone cried made him broken before they realised you could just crouch or low profile under it. Makes me wonder how I stayed with him through those times. Character loyality dominates all! Even if he was Dan-tier I’d still use him, but seriously he was pretty shit back in Super lol