Super/AE General Discussion: Abel, Adon, Akuma, Balrog, Blanka

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Discuss The Abel, Adon, Akuma, Balrog, and/or Blanka match-ups here. Relevant tips will be quoted in full for the first few posts. Video submissions are very welcome. Once AE becomes DLC and everyone’s converted, the Super section will be deleted.

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anyone got ideas on punishing blanka balls? i’ve been trying it in the lab but i can’t get anything that i can reproduce on a regular basis

Dash as soon as you block then go mp rekka>hp rekka x2 or as soon as you block MP rekka all the way. With online it might get blocked but that’s the best punish off of block until AD hits consoles and it will be more easy with distance reduced on blanka ball on block

Hard to do online, but I always do MP Rekka and hit him with the second and third hits of the series.

so reversal mp rekka is the failsafe?

mp rekka to punish blanka balls must be done on rev ersal timing. Meaning if you see the “Reversal” txt pop up then keep jamming on mp rekka, if it doesn’t appear STOP as you can be punished hard if you continue to rekka. Also U1 can punish blocked blanka balls on reversal timing as well, but can only be done from a standing block if i recall correctly.

So, to clarify the above few posts:

Blanka balls must be blocked standing and not crouching to be punishable mid-screen.

You can punish with;
-Dash forward > 1x LP Rekka then finish with HP Rekka.
-Reversal timing MP Rekkas, where the second Rekka connects.
-Reversal Ultra 1 just hits Blanka’s hitbox with the second hit and goes into the animation for 435 damage with full Ultra, but be wary of this, as in some cases (about 15% of the time) it will whiff even if you have reversal timing, why that is, I don’t yet know. Anybody have any idea why that is?
-EX Blanka Ball can be punished in the same ways, though I am not entirely sure if it is slightly more punishable.

In the corner you can punish with pretty much anything, except the problem is in timing it so that you hit him when he’s landed, instead of catching him in the air. You can punish blanka balls on hit with tonnes of room for error.

This post brings the question, wasn’t there a punish guide with Fei somewhere on the board? Is that linked to in your mega thread Nosone??

That guide was for vanilla only and had a few holes. I think it was formulated on frame data only, with a few specific punishes. The master thread will have punishes attached to it for reference, so check back there as these things are discussed.

So does anyone know a good adon… I mean I have no clue how this matchup playes out, lol. I end up getting smashed most of the time… anyway if anyone knows one lemme know asap!

Contact PrymeStar. He’s on my list and one of the higher-up Adons. There’s also sicksfeet and Ramen Addict. Ramen is the best (5000+PP and higher BP than Gamerbee lol), sicksfeet is about on the level of Pryme (4500+PP).

btw, u dont need to be standing to punish a blocked blanka ball.

off a crouched block position, u can still dash, then light punch rekka.

if you fight prymestar expect a lot of mashed DP. im suprised he has gotten that high

He does do that to start. Through longer sets though, he’ll wise-up. Most of my Adon experience comes from him and sicksfeet. sicksfeet is probably the sharper of the two. Ramen’s just beast, but I haven’t played him enough.

awesome thanks!

Damn, my mistake, is the timing tighter though? I thought crouching gave the BB more hitstun, does it in fact give it more pushback?

Edit: Double damn. All of the punishes work the same when crouched. Damn that miss leading Cody video!!!

Blocking while standing leads to less pushback: that’s all.

lol at everyone getting trolled by that “cody guide to punishing blanka balls” video (myself included)

I play a good Adon player down here at SoCal. And i gotta say… you can stuff most of his stuff by just doing st. Fierce… even the Adons st. RH when spaced properly… other than that… hes very dangerous when he gets in… very fast throw…DP wit meter obviously… and very hard to execute reversals; when looking for the mixups to jaguar kick. as he can instantly do the jump jaguar kick or tooth…