Super/AE General Discussion: Ibuki, Juri, Ken, Makoto, M. Bison (Dictator)

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Discuss the Ibuki, Juri, Ken, Makoto and/or M. Bison match-ups here. Relevant tips will be quoted in full for the first few posts. Video submissions are very welcome. Once AE becomes DLC and everyone’s converted, the Super section will be deleted.

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M. Bison (Dictator)



Reserved, just in case.

Hey thanks Kobra, i like those mtup threads. I’ll post on them for sure !

Nono, thank you for the support :bgrin:. Looking forward to some of your tips and tricks!

From the Theory fighter thread:

Bison has a limit on the number of SKs that he can do from cr.LK > SK since the push back takes him out of cr.LK range. If you can sort of recognize the spacing for that, you’ll know that the next move is either a naked SK or a st.HK. Between those two it’s sort of a gamble; the correct responses to either is also a 50-50, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t guess.

Walking forward slightly and doing cr.MK/HP will punish the st.HK on whiff, or you can wait a split second (so the HK finishes its start-up) to do a CW. If he does st.HK close (as a meaty), HK CW should go through it if you use it immediately from wake-up. If he’s standing further away, expect him to time it so that CW gets stuffed. If you watch for this spacing you should know when to do CW and when not to. If you happen to block his st.HK, try sticking out a normal or Rekka to push him back even further; don’t rely on this all the time though.

Against a naked SK, you’ll need to either neutral jump, cr.HP, or drive forward with Rekkas. Of those options, I would suggest using Rekka since it’s less risky than jumping (you get hit by st.HK at worst for 100 damage) but it also gives you the chance to push Bison all the way back.

For pressure, once you knock Bison down you can do a cr.LK/LP/MP/st.LK safely since all of his specials have too much start-up to punish these. You need to time these moves as meaties in order to recover fast enough. On block, you’ve got him pinned so you can start doing conventional corner pressure again (spaced Rekkas, etc.). If he does EX SK, punish with cr.LP xx Rekkas. If he does EX Psycho Crusher, do HP Rekkas behind you–you have to wait a half second for Bison to land to get the most out of this punish though. Safe jumps also work on Bison pretty well; you can OS Flame Kick or CW to counter his moves using this too. Someone recently posted that safe jump > OS MK CW beats all of Bison’s options on wake-up. LK CW also does this as a meaty.

ok so recently i’ve been cracking on the ken match up since he is different from the rest of the shotos I need to really know what kens love to do that can be punished. Is there any whiff normals that im allowed to punish also is it smart to play the footsie game cause every time i do attempt he mixes up and does jumping crossover tatsu and what can I do about :f:+:mk: it always seems to put me in a uncomfortable spot. any help would be great just need some tips here.

You can punish the Step Kick (:f:+:mk:) with st.HP. It’s not too difficult to punish it on whiff, and if the Ken player abuses it, sticking out st.HP, or cr.HP every now and then can shut it down. On block, all you can really do is guess, since it’s a 50/50 situation. Block, Throw/Tech, Jump, or Special Attack.

With footsies, Fei Long certainly can challenge Ken quite well. Ken’s normals aren’t too great compared to Fei Long’s besides maybe cr.MK, though if you have your spacing and timing, you can attempt to stuff / punish that with a far cr.MP, as usual, is a very strong normal that can stuff a lot of what Ken might want to do. If your opponent enjoys to blockstring jab then try to cross you up, you can always learn how to auto correct flame kicking, or dashing forward to get out from the attempt. Or just neutral jump HK him if they are extremely predictive.

Finally someone uses this thread lol.

Against Ken’s Step Kick, also note that he’s at a tiny disadvantage if you block it. That means if he goes for a throw, you can beat him with cr.LP/LK if you hit the button as soon as you’re out of blockstun. Just be extra careful of his SRK though, as Nooks mentioned, it’s a total 50-50 if the Ken player is willing to do it. If you’re uncomfortable with playing the guessing game, backdash on block or try doing a late crouch tech.

Other normals you should be looking for in the footsies battle are cr.MK and cr.HK. Kens will use these moves as pokes from mid-range; if you watch for them and have Rekka buffered and ready, you can go for a hit-confirm Rekka combo pretty easily.

At long range, where his options are only Step Kick and Fireball, watch for jumps. That’s your biggest concern. At max range, the Step Kick gives Ken the frame advantage on hit, but doesn’t lead to any follow-ups since he’ll have pushed you too far. Fireballs also aren’t a huge concern since they only do 60 damage and lead to nothing else. Just keep alert to what’s going on in the air and you won’t get randomed out by EX Tatsu> Ultra. Also, U2 works great to scare Ken from using this.

What about at a closer range? I muck around with ken sometimes, your saying he can combo into cr-lk - combo? I didn’t know that.

Nah what I mean is, if he hits you from far away with just the tip of his foot, he gets his +2, or perhaps a +3 if he hits with the second active frame, but hitting with the tip of the foot pushes him too far to combo or even Kara throw after, leaving you relatively safe. You could just sit there and block a follow-up or backdash without any harm. You could probably even jump if you wanted.

Up close, Ken’s step kick is only going to give him +2 advantage which is not enough to combo into a cr.LK. On counter-hit it would be though, since that adds an extra +1 advantage.

Could he OS a sweep and catch our back dash? just curious.

Not after Step Kicking with the tip of his foot, and the Fei doing a back dash. The range is too far for anything other than another Step Kick or Hadouken. Another Step Kick will catch the back dash from some range but I’m pretty sure at absolute max range it won’t; EX Hadouken should work for some ranges too, but I think regular fireballs are too slow (gotta test the EX and Regular FBs though; I’m just not by my Xbox right now).

The spacing Ken gets a Step Kick is really variable, but I’d say just count on being safe at its maximum range.

Does anyone know the Ibuki Matchup? How to deal with her leg block-string? is there a window. Also after her target combo is she on advantage?
Also is her teleport unsafe, will my catch it on recovery?

Heavy blockstring is extended and easy to spot if you count the kicks. The low kick is not a true blockstring so LK CW reversal before it comes out for 2 free hits, lv1 Focus it, or mash out an Ultra/Flame Kick. Counting is not too difficult, but it takes guts to try to buffer something in between since a mess up could lead to a vicious mix-up. Ibuki is at a disadvantange after her TC unless she Super Jump cancels, but if she does that, her only “safe” follow-up is a Kunai (which you can mash Flame Kick against). If she just jumps, try to chase her in the direction she jumped. Teleport is unsafe.

I want to know how do you guys play against Ken and Makoto. I’m having some hard times with these two. T_T

Anyone know what to do against Juri? That pinwheel move is so fucking annoying

Block, cr lp xx rekka, if she does ex pinwheel reversal ultra her.

Ok, here is my few cents on Bison, if you are playing a headstomp happy Bison you can walk back and punish or if he is close that you cant walk back just press crouch hard punch, the headstomp will wiff and you can combo his ass for all its worth

I like to dash forward, right under them. The space i greater, and so is the risk, but the recovery is much faster, AND dissolves their charge.

When bison has meter, I like to safe jump after a knock down to bait an EX psycho crusher. If he goes for it, Option selected MK flame kicks take over next time. If he EX head stomps at first, I simply safe jump. BUT, when they have no meter, I suggest you HK/ex chicken wing every time to catch teleports.

At the beginning of a match, I like to walk back just a bit in case they start with a knee press. If they do, I punish with cr. lp to rekkas, and I stop on the second rekka to test their reaction and if they mash cr. lk. If they are still blocking, I immediately go for the forward grab. From there, Jump in safe jumps come in play. And so on.