Super/AE General Discussion: Ibuki, Juri, Ken, Makoto, M. Bison (Dictator)


For Ken,

If you are facing a j.ex tatsu happy Ken remember that far RH will stuff it if used early enough. If you’re unsure about the timing MK works as well. The RH will stuff the tatsu clean if the Ken is trying to cross you up with it, as it oddly covers behind your head (which is nice).

That being said, if they ex tatsu to get out of the corner there isn’t much you can do unless you read it and back dashed, in which case Rekka should catch him. Hope this helps a bit :slight_smile:

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Am I supposed to be having issues with Makoto?

I don’t think so, it seems really hard for her to get in on Fei Long. But if she does, oh man…

I abuse the c.lp > rekka buffer in this matchup, she has a big hurtbox, and Makoto players like to go nuts with dashes and stuff, so they get bodied. And use the airbone attacks, like the overhead and mk Cw, since they’ll blow up her ex command grab.

If she gets you knocked down, you can wakeup mk Cw or Ex Cw, she can’t do much about (well, she can use her dp, but I don’t see it being reliable, maybe if she OS’ it. If they can’t OS, just keep on using it haha)


Yeah if she’s in, its a problem. And her dash is amazing. Keep her out with jabs and pokes. but be careful after she has U1, esp on wakeup.