Super/AE General Discussion: Seth, T.Hawk, Vega (Claw), Zangief



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Discuss the Seth, T.Hawk, Vega (Claw), and Zangief match-ups here. Relevant tips will be quoted in full for the first few posts. Video submissions are very welcome.

We’re going full force here people! Give me all your questions!















Might as well kick it off here with this nugget for Vega:

Option selecting meaty cr.LK with Ultra 1 has the following effects:

Against Back Dash
Full Ultra 1

Against KKK Single Back-flip
2nd hit of ultra lands and goes straight into animation for 435 damage, plus the damage from the knockdown.

Against PPP Double Back-flip
4th hit of ultra lands and goes straight into animation for 435 damage, plus the damage from the knockdown.

Everything else
The cr.LK stuffs everything but Ultra 2. Everything. Really.

Essentially, using this means Vega can only block, or wake up Ultra 2, which is pretty nifty IMO.

And of course, if you do stuff something or they don’t block appropriately you’ve done cr.LK, st.LP and can combo regardless, provided that you’re ready for it.

[NOTE] - Do not use near the corner. Only use mid screen where you’ll land the ultra before you touch the wall. If you do touch the wall before you land the ultra, you go through his back-flips and Vega will end up behind you with time to punish and you’ll likely end up in his vortex.

Other than that, if the timing is right it’s really good for back dash/back-flip happy Vegas.


Hi Guys, just came back from Germany “Road to Evo” tournament. My first and unluckily my last match of the tournament was against a THawk. I have no idea what to do in this matchup. I tried to play the last match VERY defensively, mainly with crHP and stHP keepaway moves. I was afraid of throwing out a single rekka (he was beating it with condor dive) and any chicken wing (condor spire). Advices?
I also asked Starnab and the answer was the same I thought, keepaway game. I just don’t think Fei is that well structured for this type of gameplay.


I would say it is a keep-away match like other grappler matches.

From my (limited) experience against T. Hawk, he doesn’t really have many options that challenge Fei, unlike Zangief. cr.HP seems to stop / punish most of T. Hawk’s ground options, and st.HK stops him completely from the air–besides Condor Dive I think. You can st./cr.HP or cr.HK Condor Spire on reaction, or Flame Kick if he’s with in range for one. Condor Dive on block is a free HP Rekka, Super or Reversal Ultra. His sweep can be punished with a Reversal Light Rekka, any whiffed far st.HK you can punish with Rekka, Super, or cr.HP. On block, you can Light / Medium Rekka Punish it.

I’m not too sure what else I can add, I’m no good at sharing / explaining things.


Regarding Vega. Whats the best way to deal with Vega’s dive air throw. Do you guys dash away? Wiggle dp?
How do you deal with Vega’s wall dive mix-ups?

I have had some success with jp.hp but am confused with his wall-dive air throw, is there a way to make it whiff?


nj.HK is really good if he keeps doing them, but after one or two they’ll start pressing grab earlier in anticipation, so you should mix it up with grounded Focus Attack absorbs dash cancelled to punish.

Like you said though, a crouching corner to corner FK buffer is really effective as well, and cl.HP is good because they’re always looking to get right on top of you with it so they’re in range for the cl.HP more often than not, but st.HP also stuff it a lot I find. But in the end it’s still a guessing game, so you’ve got to keep it mixed up or he’ll cotton on and adjust. You can also use cr.MK or sweep to make it whiff but you can still be hit if he timed it late.

If you get Izuna’d in the corner and they start the Izuna vortex, in my opinion, you’ll either want to try and escape with a CW, preferably EX, or smash out Ultra 1 at the last moment possible, because Flame Kick will often whiff. At least for me, Ultra 1 is easier to get right than a FK. Just do something sooner rather than later. If you have a friend who plays Vega, ask him to do it on you while you try things out.


I generally alway’s jump back hp or hk regardless. At worst your looking at a trade, most of the time they’ll back off when you take to the air.

I played a good Vega today, it’s a bloody tough match, he puts you in so many 50/50 throw situations and online I always miss the tech.


Thanks for the advice guys.

Does U1 in the corner beat his options or is it an escape?


Because he’s trying to catch you as meaty as possible with the vortex of Izuna grabs, the Ultra 1 is to beat it and escape in doing so. It’s not hard to get out of really, but if someone does it to you and you’re not prepared/comfortable with getting out of it, it can pretty much rape the shit outta you and put you on tilt.


How have you guys been handling AE Zangief?

I been finidng myself struggling quite a bit more against him now with his new Light SPD. Having to stand further out makes footsies tough, and with it Zangief players seem to have less reason to take a step forward or challenge Fei with a normal of their own.


Anyone with any tips vs a good Seth. I absolutely despise fighting him.


I fought a really good Seth this week. I think I won 2 out of 8 matches. I wouldn’t mind some tips from anyone who play’s this match regularly, Seth’s not someone who I run into very often.

From what I could figure out…

After analysing my matches, U2 seems to have more of a threat than U1 if only to ease the cross up pressure. He has that extremely ambiguous cross up which might even be worth focus dashing , I’m undecided until I get more matches. Wake up is also real problem, Seth’s OS seem to beat everything we have, so aside from back dashing, blocking and eating potential SPD seems the best of a bad situation. Flame Kick trades horribly so I may have to look at other AA’s or alternatively pre-empting his own jumping attack with our J.HP. I think this match has to be played with 80% patience and 20% pokes. I think you have to out footsie him.

Chicken Wing seems like a potent tool for blowing up his focus but he will reaction DP you all day so full - mid is a no go. I think you’d have to land the 1 framer and take the chance,although he seems to want to DP you at that point , so blocking after hit might be good mind games. Tough decision considering it’s half his life gone if you get it right.


How do I fight t-hawk ? He’s like a gief with aerial attacks


Hi guys, i need some help with the Zangief, not about the footsies , what buttons i have to use or something like that, im comfortable in middle screen.
The thing is… what the heck can i do against a cornered zangief , jumping back, and switching between HP or empty jump ? I can’t do always st. HK ( too close, and i always eat the HP = Counterhit), i can’t jump with HK or another button, too risky ( maybe sometimes ). The best option i think is dash and shoryu, but it’s hard to time it . Please someone reply ! Help !


Just got owned by Seth. I agree that U2 is definitely the ultra of choice. Stops him crossing you up as much, his cross ups are so ambiguous. His wall jump is also very easy to see and buffer ultra ready. Apart from this I just had no clue what to do. I am usually very good at keeping pressure on my opponent but you know Seth with their DP’s… Focus attacking then dashing in and immediately doing tenshin worked quite well at the start.
It really is just a 50/50 guessing game 90% of the fight which I hate. what is the match-up figures for Seth? I’m willing to say he may be Fei’s hardest match-up if you can’t get any offense going and you guess wrong on a lot of reads.


Nah, I’d say it’s probably 6-4 Fei at high level at worst it would be even. Seth just makes you feel like you can’t do anything but that’s not specific to Fei. His walk speed is slow and his footsie’s are not up to par. If you get the jump on him it’s half life gone even with our damage nerf.


I noticed when I was jumping in I was doing a lot better than keeping a grounded game. Guess you just need to take a few more risks playing against him?


Personally I do. Whenever I’m in the 50/50 scenario I’ll throw in the odd neutral jump. If he or Dp’s you lose, if he SPD’s or Tanden you win big time. A 50/50 chance at almost half life is worth it to me.

Of course I’m not saying this is how you beat Seth, it’s just something to think about. You can still out footsie him and his Booms are quite slow so EX CW is not the worst idea from mid range. Also our dash is pretty good at closing ground.

I’m a mixed bag with the Ultra’s, it depends the Seth player, sometimes you can get real bad turtle style ones that run away the whole match, so U1 is a better choice for those types.


In my opinion its on Fei favor, as long as Seth doesn’t knock you down, seth has very few ways to start an offence on Fei and one correct read from fei is half life.