Super Animations


Are they really necessary? Once again we have to endure long ass super animations. What’s wrong with the regular super style, looks better and doesn’t take up so much time. Funnily I just came across this thread before posting; 3rd strike mode SFV and in this mod someone made the ultras/supers are done how they are in pretty much every fighting game. I don’t know why capcom think that having super animations is such a must. Even from the casuals perspective no one wants to see that shit after the 4th/5th time.


If you don’t think Birdie’s super animation is the tightest shit then get the fuck out of my face.


Sadly I don’t think they’re going to be shortened down. Flashy supers make for great trailer material, and I’d imagine animators / visual designers want to make something cool to put in their portfolio. If you’re not playing competitively it’s also cool when you manage to land one of those supers against your bros and then talk smack before you chug another beer (I know I did when I started playing).

I hate how badly those kinds of supers tend to break the flow of the game though.


The supers are still generally shorter than the ultras in SFIV. They’re about the length of the cinematics of level 3s in Marvel 3. Enough to be iconic and flashy, yet not take you away from the action for too long. They have less harsh scaling so they will always be impactful after every combo. No more 5 percent damage ultras after a long combo or dizzy.

I haven’t seen anything as long as Ibuki’s Ultra 2 or E.Ryu’s Ultra 2 which is a good thing. They’re entertaining without making you feel like you’re watching an AMV.


I’ll never be a fan of cutscenes being in the middle of my action, but at the very least, (and I know it won’t happen) I wish there was an option to play with a fixed camera, so it doesn’t do any of the fancy camera stuff. This won’t happen if they are designing supers around the concept of the cutscene angle like they did in SFIV, where a lot of ultras made no sense if you viewed them from your typical camera angle.

This was especially jarring to me whenever I was using Abare Tosanami with Makoto in SFIV. I have to combo after it, let me see which side my opponent is even going to go towards! (Granted, that is fixed, but at first, that is very annoying to deal with.) Ultra animation ends and then it’s just ‘WHOOSH’ back to your camera angle, enemy is falling, COMBO HIM, QUICK! It was very annoying. I hope they think a little more about the impact these cutscenes can have on a person’s awareness of how close they are to the corner and other such things. You get used to it, but you shouldn’t have to. It is an unnecessary obstacle in the way of the player.


Except there are many Ultras that I pretty much never get tired of seeing. Capcom has nothing on some of the stuff SNK has put out over the years.


I like super street fighters 4 super animation. Screen darkens. Hear a lightning sound and the speed of the game drops to like one frame per second.


The average length of super animations will be shorter than SF4, but if you expect them to be even shorter or non-existent then you are only fooling yourself. SF is becoming an E-sport which means the entertainment value of watching an SF match is a factor now in the decision making process. The game not only needs to be great to play, but it needs to be great to watch.


The average length isn’t shorter. This is something that james chen and ultra david have said on stream and now people think they’re shorter. Chun-Li super is long, Bisons is long, Nash super is long I don’t know how they came to the conclusion that they’re shorter than sf4…maybe in technical terms they’re 1 second shorter or some bullshit but still long. I guess it’s just how it is.

Also another thing I think it looks a lot cooler seeing your character doing some crazy moves without the camera angles, watching it in a cutscene just looks meh like some anime fight scene big deal…Like ken’s super in 3s just looked so fucking cool you get to see him kick the shit out of the opponent now it’s just a bunch of close up angles some foot hitting a face 100x and a bunch of flames xD

erm…yeah seeing fei long super for the first few times was cool as shit too…l2read


they’re great for showing off the girls though.


I agree, I’d prefer if they all were just animated like the supers were in SF4. Not a fan of it taking a break from the flow of the game at all.

God damn … Ibuki or Akumacopter in SF4 … holy shit those were so annoying to have to endure through.

But if they did cinematic ones, I wish they were all as quick as the Dirty Bull, as awful as that ultra was. That was a very quick cinematic one. And the shoulder shrug at the end was a nice touch.


It’s like 6-7 seconds of in-game timer and they create hype moments for the entire crowd watching. They deserve a spot in the game, but not anywhere near the length of certain ones like Gief U1/U2 Akuma U2, Ibuki U1 Ken U1(Animation) Evil Ryu U2.

There’s more that were stupidly long, but what I’m trying to say is that there is a sweet spot in the length of the super. 5-6 seconds is enough time to create something cool that doesn’t drag on, perfect spot.


I never get tired of seeing both of Vega’s Ultra animations.
The only problem is, some are really long.
Ibuki’s U2 and Hakan’s U1 are 10 seconds.
Other than that, no problem for me. Just don’t make them super long.


I’m fine with super animations as long as they don’t last a damn eternity like half of SF4 ultras. Some of which are really ridiculous in terms of their duration time

5-7 seconds is just okay and provides enough spectacle for people to enjoy, especially after a hype moment to finish the match or close the round


I accept they will stay in the games from now on but jeez even sf5 seems to be going down the same route I think they should be 5 seconds tops or what would be really cool have the first part be like old school supers then the “finisher” part of the super can be animated that way it’d be quick and pack more of a punch?


They don’t seem that long to me, def not SF4 ultra tier.


All games, but especially this one, should adopt Super DBZ’S Dragon Finishers

The basic idea being, you have your regular non-cinematic supers during the match; but when your opponent is under a certain amount of life during the final round (I think it’s between 10 and 25%) you do a special input and, for the same meter cost as a regular super, go into a match-ending cinematic super.

It’d be waaaaay more styling that way.


Actually yeah, we should give Capcom that idea. That way, they wouldn’t have to waste the already made super animations, and just turn off the cinematic camera for them, like current SF4 mods do (though some Ultras look pretty wonky that way)


All the animation supers are around 5-6 seconds right now, which is fine if you ask me. Just don’t let it get to 8+.


I want super shadows back