Super Arcade: R.I.P. MVC2

Okay even tho Super deserves its own website I’m humbly making a thread all about this sacred establishment.

I was gonna try to come Sat for games before school started so
anybody else coming? Mike i know your already in. lololol

Now 5 reasons i love Super;

1.The sticks/buttons are of the highest quality. 360 Convex buttons with built in drink dispensors for those times when you get thirsty from all the beasting! Allthough sometimes the buttons will fly off with just the lightest tap, and assist #2 doesn’t work sometimes, who cares?! It’s Super. :cool: Which brings me to point #2

2.If there ever is such a problem with the cabinets (which is vary rare in itself) the kindly and delighful owner will fix the problem in a promptly manner, with a smile to boot!

3.Certain residents of Super have decided that just laying down the tokens on the machine isn’t cool enough now so instead they flick the tokens from half way across the arcade. One time a rouge token hit me in the head and gave me a cuncussion, but i didnt mind the trip to the hospital because just the thought of Super empowered me through the brain surgery. =]

4.For all of you that love 2d fighting games the variety is mindboggling at times. MvC2, 3S AND XMvSF! (I think we found the site of Evo2005 ^_~)

5.Super is conveniently close to Calpoly. So after countless hours of playing there one can just stop by good ol’ Super. Warning tho playing at Super may result in your game getting worse, but who cares? its where SoCals’ finest gets together.

Jay- Stop by sometime damnit, it’s way closer than FF. =]]]

So whats your reasons you love super? Or post your favorite exps. :wink:

that place sounds dope. doper than chronic :cool: lol

Dam, Super Arcade is where ALL the comp is at. And if u get tired of fighting games then u can play that horse racing game with my baby brother lol.

~The Rillest~

hey anyone here play 3s or SF AE at Super??

they gonna get KOF Neowave?

sounds like one hell of an arcade. i heard that it used to be called western arcade, but it was so good that people damanded that it be renamed to super (i really have no clue why but around the same time it was rename it also got new managment, my guess is obviously that the old management just couldn’t handle all the business and they had to get some fresh people in)

damn, are we talking about the same arcade? the one on amar and grand?
tell me a good time to be there so i can kick everyones ass at 3s. :karate:

even though i first started to play 3s at super where some of the screws dig into your hands, but don’t worry cause that tuffins you up and then when you leave you only have to take a 30 minute shower.

nah vic just hang out at cal poly all day so i can watch you destroy people.

from now on a couple people and me are just gonna set up console on the main desk in front of the owner. He wont, mind chances are he’ll be asleep, so were good to go. i think super is good for 3s comp, today there were more people on 3s than marvel. =o
=[ >=[

if this is mike rozzle, super arcade is not too shabby. i just needed to use fukkin double seats to play on the mvc2 cabinets since my leg got numb.

nah thats nick the retus fetus teser reset. Super…i was playing marvel today, hit assist one, the whole button + trigger came out, in which a whole revealing wires laid. GG super, i love you.

And still managed to get a winstreak with cable/sent/bh! =o who needs assist #1?

lolol albert what is this cabinent you speak of? We use top tier stools plus old ST Fighter machines damnit!

someone go there around 12 pm right now…i wanna get some 3s

yo! gg playin you in 3s again… :tup:


ne ways since poly is empty ill go to super after school (=[) about 3-4.
come one, come all

i was there, where were you? :lame: gg to all

no Neowave yet?

is it me or is the 1p stick on 3s a little funky when jumping?

ill go to super when i have a break from sac. im the hella scrubby korean kid with a beard looking at hypersf and 3s.

3s side is iffy on 1 player side…still playable…AE 1st side you cannot jump towards the right…management should fix this…
BTW im the big asian dude who uses Ken Alex and Yun in 3s

ae 1p side = gay

id go to cal pol if there parking was free. :lame: