Super Arcade SFIV Thread

use this thread to organize matches etc

neiman vs bill ft 10.

i’m home

yo bill i heard yo rufus stands out


I wish there was a way to set aside 30 min at a certain time in the day for low LOW tier players to check out the game and feel like they’re getting there $0.75 worth.

Skill levels are going up way fast now.

Just played it today!

I had a win streak with Balrog and Rufus.

Kinda wish the screens weren’t so crappy, oh well.

Viper sucks SOO much =[. Better learn an actual “good” character since she’s a HIGH candidate for low-low-tier. El Fuerte actually LOOKS good.

maibe you just suck, neg me nigga

postin in legendary threak

Be careful Jack, he might find out your myspace and perv and stalk all of your female friends too. Don’t tempt him :shake:

good thing my shits all set on private.


el fuerte!

i played last night and knowing nothing about the game, i was able to get wins. the skill level from what i saw isn’t high yet, ppl know some combos, but juse use fundamentals you know from other street fighters and you’ll be ok until you learn other things.


good games the other day

props to maximillion for killing everyone with that ken

i play sim!

People were eatin it bad with those wall dive crossups last night.

can anyone find out if the game requires 2 boards for 2 players?

i think it is… because on top of having 3 modes to choose from. you can play individually when the other cab is also in use.

my guess is yes

Maximillion Masters, was that you at Super just around before closing time with your fiancee?? If it was, I was the bald asian dude with the white shirt :looney: My friend was the Dhalsim player.

is dhalsim any good in SF4? i know he’s pretty rape in ST.
when the crowd for SF4 dies down, im picking up rufus… and possible the “low-low tier candidate” Viper. rofl

Yea that was us on friday night from 9pm-1am. Can’t make it this weekend but should be back in on monday. Will post the videos from that night before the weekends over.

Dhalsim has Urien-ish Unblockables LOL