Super art 3 question

Does it matter whick kick you use?

Does hk give more dmg, lk come out faster etc?

After a hit confirm off or 2 crlk i usually piano mk>lk so the super comes out, but would it be better to piano all 3 kicks?

(1) no.

(2) no.

(3) for cancels, pianoing at all isn’t necessary. the cancel window is lenient compared to a link where you’d be aiming to start the super on an exact frame. pressing two is fine. and are both cancels. The only time drumming the buttons is necessary is when you’re trying to do links. For instance, Ken’s far and Also back if the opponent is crouching will also link.

I drum from right to left as that feels most natural but yeah as long as you’re drumming you can hit all 3. With 2 you’re getting 4 inputs although I’m not sure how quickly the system reads inputs so getting 6 may be overkill for some links.

Doesn’t matter what kick you use it still does the same damage. Ken has many ways to set up his third Super Art.

  1. no
  2. no
  3. yes, if you can habitually do that, always do that.