Super art I and II which to use on which characther and why?



okay i like using urien and want to know which super is his best for tournament play and why.

and which super should be used on which characthers.
like super I does loads of hurt on akuma, ibuki, dudley, yan, and yun. but i dont know if to use super II or III on ryu and ken on the tournament.

Im sorry if i sound ametuar but if some one can give me a few pointers of why and how i will really appreciate it .

also on the subject , can any one send me mopremes video because when i search back in his post his link to his video only brings me to asking me if i want to pay to jonin.


SA3 is the best, coz in the arcade its unblockable, coz if u hit the opponent they go in blockstun, thus getting hit by sa3 :slight_smile: search for a video of tokido vs justin wong, he shows the true power of sa3


SFA 3 so many setup’s

Doom u mean combo exhibition 101:lol:


very true put the set ups do cost work and are so played out people expect them and watch out for them. but super 1 does a buut load of damage on certain characther. so doom do you recommend on tournament to stay away from super I entirely and focus on super III?


sa1 is way hard to land, noone gets hit by a chariot rush anymore, and if the person blocks ur fucked

everyone uses aegis reflector, its the best, just find some vids of urien just check regularly for new matches and shit, and do try to find that tokido vs justin wong, its realllllyyyy goodand the set ups are pretty easy, just get someone in the corner, he doesnt even need to be in the corner, just jump over them to get the unblockable…


alright but the point is arguable that chariot is great agianst a sweeping shoto.

regis is all about the setup. so either your looking for that hard setup that every one knows or your looking for a fuck up so you can but in the chariot rush super.

and i agree if you miss your fucked but if you connect the reward is worth it. not to mention you can fuck up your combo in the corner if your not carefull.

also is it me or in the dreamcast version you cant do the ublockable against dudley. and if so than the chariot would be the choice for fighting him.


yo miguel – SA1 ain’t that bad. practice SA3 setups in your spare time, and play SA1 in tournament simply because you’re comfortable with it. landing SA1 is not as hard as doom makes of it. knowing 3S basic gameplay will enable you to land it just fine (for instance…UOH -> SA1).

i’ll talk to you at NC if i happen to be able to get a ride :bluu:


use wtv u feel is rite and what u like sa3 mite be good but im sure u can be good with sa1 2 so jsut go for it


heh its just that i never saw SA1 in play… well maybe once… and the only link i know is chariot rush xx sa1… my bad… X_x


thanks for the replies peeps

and exodus i ll see you there

i just hope some who has used it could give me a few pointers

becuase against shotos it seems it doesnt take much damage

ill practice on both and see which two i feel right on the tournamet

also how the hell did mopreme connect a ducking medium into the chariot does any one know

well, holla back


its a crouching short… just hold ur stick backwards and down, then press short, quickly put ur stick ro forward and press short again…


so is it a two in one from a crouching medium kick into the super because i cant get it.

by the way were you from doom?


it isnt a medium kick, its short… the light kick…

and im form holland X_x i knoew everything about all the chars almost, and i can play them, but i hardly had any versus experience…


no in mopremes video i could swear i saw a ducking medium into the super i have no idea i think it was in his encyclopedia combo i promise


it was a late-hitting cr. forward on a crouching character. then he linked it with SA1 once the animation for the cr. forward completed. there’s only 1 frame to connect it…so don’t bother :stuck_out_tongue: stick with cr. jab cr. jab SA1


Trust me, you don’t… I don’t want to sound like a dick but there’s only so much you can learn from videos, forums and training mode.

And exodus is right, meaty cr. forward links into SA1 against crouching opponents (but it’s hard!).



alright i guess this thread is comming to a close so i appreciate all your help and see ya in the tournament exodus, you have to get a ride man.

if theres any urien knowledge ya want to hook up please let me know untill then beat ya later:D


I’ve been experimenting with SA#1 as of late myself…while I believe Aegis to be the best super choice overall I think there may be matches that would go better when using SA#1 .

Aginst Shotos it is very easy to assume SA#1 is best for counter abilities but by far Aegis is made to destroy Shotos .

I believe SA#1 may be a good choice against the larger characters like Hugo and Alex since many of Uriens juggles don’t work well against them (especially Alex) .

ways to connect SA#1

cr.short xx SA
cr.Jab(x2) xx SA
st.Jab xx SA
st.Jab(x2) , st.Strong xx SA
cr.Frc xx SA
cr.Frc xx shoulder xx SA
UOH -link- SA

The key with urien as always are his options and while SA#1 has far fewer options than SA#3 the one thing SA#1 has is immediate reaction dmg while Aegis revolves around set-ups .

I’ll be in NC in Jan. myself repping Aegis Urien but I might get to throw around some SA#1



are you going to the tournament in charolette? cause im going too, also representing urien with his super ! cool. if you are were you from and wats your name if i see ya. the one in jan 24
southern hostility

thanks for the info on uriens connection combo


i watched some vids of some recent japanese third strike casual and shonen on there (a urien player) would switch between sa3 and sa1 (only for the gouki player???) i dont know if this is a correct counter or not or whatever but it would make sense since gouki can teleport reversal against aegis right? shonen actually lands sa1 1-3 times against the NON SCRUBBY gouki player, its a pretty fierce fight but if u use sa1 with urien it forces u to become a better urien player, kinda like using sa3 with necro instead of going for the easy damage with sa1. u gotta be able to do work without having a fat meter to sit on and rely on for set ups.

just my opinion, i’m JUST learning urien as i type sadly.

a love this game a single super can change the way a character plays ENTIRELY. :slight_smile: (i gotta take up blue nocturne for deep jump in anti airs again!)