Super Art I: Kishin-Riki



First of the 3 threads I’m going to introduce to Oro’s section. Each player has their own play style and I know that everyone doesn’t just use Tengu Stone (I use Kishin-Riki, Oro’s grab super usually). Creating this thread to help out SAI Users. As Alphastorm did create a thread posting all of the relevant information. I want to go indepth with each Super Art for Oro because the opponent acts differently depending on which Super Art Oro uses. I’ll post more on Oro’s SAI when I get home.


hey Xiii,thought iI,d help you out by posting inur threads since no one seemed to have done so for a while.

Kishin Rikki:
The Kishin Rikki super by itself is pretty lame,though it is damaging you probably wont be able to hit any good opponent,unless theres a sort of setup I dont know off, everytime you do it,the opponent starts running away,which makes you run after them which makes it pretty pointless.

But the EX version of it is pretty nice,there’s no real setup for it,the bests I,ve heard of were air resets(ex: s.strong 2hits + Cr.fierce xx Ex Kishin Rikki),but to me(and probably to any respectable Oro player) the best time to do the EX Kishin Rikki is while the opponent is doing a move,but i mean ANYTHING,it goes through every normal,every special(it wont get hit by a dragon puch,but it wont grab the shoto),even about every super,it goes through anything,just abuse of that,while your opponent tries to sweep you,during akumas raging demon,it will hit them all.

The ex version is much more workable,in fact,you would never have to do the normal version. And the gauge is pretty small, in fact,after the chicken feet combo(see alphastorm’s faq if you dont know what it is),the gauge is almost full,whiff 3-4 s.strong and it will be full,so based on that,you can easily have 2 supers in one round. And i guess I dont have to mention that this super puts Ryu’s Denjin Hadouken to shame?!? If hes trying to charge and throw it off in your face,do the EX version and it will go throught the fireball and grab Ryu.

hope I’ve helped a bit.


All I know is that EX Kishin Rikki goes through Urien’s reflectors,therefore EX Kishin Rikki owns. :smiley:


a good way to use this crummy super is to know your opponent’s style. if he’s the type that likes to jump away after a knock down you’d want to go after him and grab him in the air.

i rarely use the 2 button version (i will call this the “good” super). the normal super (1 button) is more to my liking.

my set-up: 6 hit juggle, cancel to the regular super, air grab super, upon wake up you can do 2 things: land grab or air grab. that’s about it.


haha David, nice avatar :smiley:


thanks yo. odd kuz i don’t use makoto much. oro/12 are my type.


well considering almost every player that plays oro practically says tengu stones is the best super, heres the deal with kishin rikki. (i may not be a great player, nor do i enter tournaments or the like, but i do know how to use this super) kishin rikki’s normal super setup should be really easy to connect. the ex version has it’s moments, but i don’t really ever use it unless a) the opponent is stunned and will die from the super, or b) i’m desperate.

Good thing about this super is that you CAN connect it up to 3 times. If you grab normally (like on the ground) most you will ever get is 2 unless the oppponent always quick rolls to get up, but i doubt that will ever happen enough for you to connect it like that. my setup for it is to just simply NOT activate and chase your opponent. That’s just a waste of a super AND meter. I’ve connected this on a good player before (Urien player consistant b++ 17+wins blah blah blah against other players and a crazy aegis abuser at that) and really, if you still think this super is crappy then i don’t know. As for usage, you have a couple options.

  1. XX qcf+lk, XX qcf+lk, XX kishin rikki (air grab), jump forward mk and grab as soon as you hit the floor. (you could also dash towards the opponent after throwing them and try to grab them again as soon as they get up… but be wary as doing this against someone with a dragon punch isn’t so great)

I’ve never missed this if they block. If they get hit you should be able to get it too because they will be in hit stun (i’ve done this, it’s not theory). i don’t know, but nobody has ever parried my (probably because they are too used to my… lol…) because it’s puts oro in this retard-ish animation that makes the timing weird for it. I’ve only connected this setup twice with all 3 grabs, but that’s only because i get dragon punched in my face by my friend’s ryu everytime i try to connect the third grab. you can mix it up by dashing forward or jumping in empty (incase they get used to the and start trying to parry). The has stuffed wake up dragon punches before, so that’s why i use it and it’s been really nice lol.

as for EX-Kishin Rikki, as i said before, if they are stunned then go for it. it’s kinda hard to predict someone’s move but if you can do it then that’s even better. i have trouble with when someone does something, they can still jump out of the super which is really annoying. I don’t know if this would work in actual situations, but after a or kicking someone out of the air with, you MIGHT be able to connect the super that way. I’ve connected it on my friends and some other random players sometimes (the jump in works, but i rarely throw out a super after doing it because if they block then they could just jump and if they get hit, i usually keep rushing to build up their stun meter). The jump in HK works, but i doubt it’s that reliable because really good players will just parry it and kick your ass, if you do hit it and the opponent knows you or loves to jump then it’s really messed for you.

Anyways, i’m done with my ranting. If you actually want to see me enforce these things i say, then pm me up if you’re in t.o, i’m a lil rusty but i’ll get back into it lol (too used to dc controller now since i have no money to go to arcades -_-) i will show you my kishin rikki fury! lol.


I used to just use the yagyou dama super but I’m learning to love the power of the kishin riki.

s.sp (2hits) xx kishin riki air grab does the same damage as the whole six hit combo into air grab and is much more reliable. I’d only use the six hit if I needed the meter.

Also the ex is easy to connect after blocking alot of high recovery moves like sweeps and fireballs. PArryin makes the EX version super good, but if you had the reactions to parry you might as well just super through thier move anyway.

ex Kishin riki combos off of c.fp fairly reliably, but I have seen the c.fp knock them just out of range. It may be character specific, but regardless it’s Oro’s best bet for high damage punishment.


most of the time i do the 5 hit into super combo because it’s practise to get off that mini-infinite. it’s the easiest thing on the controller but in the arcade, sometimes even the stick can mess you up, just need practise to make it second nature. I rarely use EX-Kishin Rikki anymore unless i’m getting really pressured, i prefer chasing my opponent while i glow my evil golden glow :wink:


I have serious trouble getting people once I’m glowing any tips or strategies? I’m really into abusing kicks and uppercuts while glowing because it seems people really want to attacks while you’re glowing and I can’t seem to grab people out of shit. :frowning: I miss shuma gorath.


Just need to land 1 parry if they are attacking. I have a different kind of problem, in that my opponents RUN AWAY if I activate it. I pretty much only use the EX version, and try to guess when they are gonna poke, or wakeup. The super’s too much fun not to use it like that. If you guess wrong your opponent is going to be in such a panic to jump out that they aren’t going to punish you usually I guess that’s my 2 cents.


well it serves a good purpose, if someone is rushing you down like crazy and you need a little breather, activate and they run and calm down. if you want to go offensive, make sure they are near the corner. they have no where to run to then. they jump u catch them and they are screwed because once they get up they have no where to go when you jump in. uppercut? parry wait grab, nothing? grab, jump? grab. lol INVINCIBLE!!! but you have to get used to being offensive with it. i mostly always combo into it and force them into situations where they can’t run (like after a knockdown). i jump in when they are about to hit the floor so basically they have 2 choices. block or retaliate with anti-air. i always tap forward and then mp (no range, but it works because … well it works) so i parry anything or if it’s nothing i hit them and then when i hit the ground they will be stunned enough for me to grab them again. i’ve been trying to get the 3rd grab lately but i just can’t. 2 grabs are my max.


when you say combo into it do you mean the air throw or is there a way to combo the standing grab?


IMO kinshin rikki and the stone are weak in 3S. The stone was the best in sf3 next gen and 2nd inpact, but in 3S the Yagyou Dama is 10 times better. The Yagyou Dama is Oro’s best super art because of his unblockable set up’s with the super or the EX FB’s. Also you get mad EX moves and you get 3 supers. Next is the tengu stone. You use the stone just like you use this super, but with the abillity to chip your opponent if you miss your combo is much better. If you use the normal tengu stone it last 2 times as long as the Kishin rikki. The ex tengu stone last around the same time as the kinshin rikki, but you can do stronger combo’s with the stone. I love this super art because of the throw mixup’s but if you miss you wasted a super. In some ways Kinshin rikki is better because the EX version can be used as air defence.

IMO this is the best thing about this super art. It’s air defence super for oro. (That’s huge in my book) It beats any grab or grab super art because he jumps off the ground. It will beat the gigis breakers and the slam dance. Also it has invincible start up so if your close to someone and they do a low forward 2 in 1 into a FB and you block the low forward you can super through the FB and grab them for a reversal. It takes 45% off of ryu on a reversal. Also if someone like to play footies with round house sweeps you can do the super over the sweep. You can combo the EX kinshin rikki also.:eek: :wink: Jumping deep round house kick, Crouching FP 2 in 1 into the EX kinshin rikki super. You can’t escape if the FP hit’s you. I feel the opposite to you when I use the kinshin rikki sir. The EX Kinshin Rikki= A short hop Raging Demon, but you can’t kick Oro out of his super unlike akuma. the weakness of this super art is that he has hardly any use of his EX special moves.:frowning: The way I use this super is to do the standard air juggle combo into the super air grab with the super. While they are getting up i’ll either do 2 things:

  1. Low forward kick and if they block I press jab or strong punch to grab them before they can jump.
  2. if they can DP good then I just wiff the low forward and watch them DP and miss me and then I grab them.


Would you mind posting some SAII unblockable setups? I’ve never seen any typed out and I’ve always kind of wondered about it.


It is a good move but I agree it can be useless it reminds me of Spiral’s Metamorphis in MVC2 whenever my brother uses it on me I always run off throw projectiles n crap like dat. But i really think this is his best move the way I setup for it is use the regular one, then immediatley begin the motion for the S.A. as the opponent is grounded once they get up I just gotta grab 'em.


Use #1 for Kishin Riki: to satisfy Oro’s manly needs. See attached.