Super Art II: Yagyou Dama

Dag Nabbit! My Yagyou thread got lost. Moving on does anyone have any unblockable superbooger traps?

Once again advantages to SAII are:

  1. Short bars.
  2. Fatty EX batery.
  3. Unblockable booger traps.

I’ll post my booyatastic EX Dama combo again just 'cause it’s so obliterfying:

EX Yagyou Dama, dash, dash, f+mp, (1 hit) xx mk. chicken kick, (1 hit) xx mk. chicken kick, mp. uppercut. 107 points of damage on Ryu. You got a more damaging combo let me know.

yea man, i posted some good shit earlier in response to ur question, but that got zapped too.

anywayz, here’s what i remember:

a friend of mine used this setup a few times back when we used to spar:

head choke grab–>land and IMMEDIATELY saII w/ FP–>once the “chi” animation finishes RH toestomp/chicken kick–>follow up w/ combo of ur choice

here’s what happens:oro chokes the char out–>saII ball travels at a high angle(slowly)–>when u perform rh t. stomp, oro crosses to the chars other side thus making the sa unblockable as he passes over head–>as they get tapped up by the sa, free combo of ur choice.

problem is, u can tek roll from the grab (avoiding the setup), and i think the sa can b parried down (eliminating the “unblockable” property)

u can set up the saII in a juggle combo ensuring that they cant roll at all, throw out another sa, then time the t.stomp to cross as they’re getting up

imo, i prefer saI over the others. its just more fun. ever try kara canceling the “left-right-slam-special”(HCB+P) w/ st. forward or roundhouse while the saI in activated? this gives the super ABSURD range!

but then again, what do i know, i play as twelve:p


Ok I think it’s about time to revisit the wacky fun of the Yagyou Dama.

I still need to learn the many unblockable setups, and if anyone knows any I’d like to hear them, but for now I have an extremely easy one: hits) xx fp.SAII, j.rk, jump over and to start again.

You can do the same trick after a xx ex uppercut xx mp.SAII, just jump over and break the guard while the dama is landing.

now it seems like some characters just eat the entire yagyou dama in the air preventing the unblockable, also you may not need to jump over if the opponent doesn’t techroll.

Against characters that Oro can cross up in the corner:

(within a screen distance of the corner) anti-air fireball, dash, Fierce SA2, dash (opponent will have gotten up by now, either by techroll or not), close Short to keep them in the corner, jump, Yagyou starts getting blocked, crossup Forward. You can see this in the first Coop Cup; it’s the round where Oro perfects Urien.

In general, far away from the corner:

(chicken combo, 5 hits) XX SA2 (any strength), dash to push the corpse for positioning, dash back or walk back, crossup Forward. The key is for the Dama to only hit once, which makes positioning for the unblockable easier and buys more time to combo after the unblockable. And, of course, getting hit by the Dama in the first place makes it impossible for the opponent to techroll.

What I’ve been trying with Oro’s super art II is this. EX “dragon punch” super cancel into light Yagyou Dama or close MP(1), MK chicken kick, close MP(1), super cancel light Yagyou Dama or close MP(2) super cancel light Yagyou Dama. After 2 hits of the Dama ball, walk forward a little and jump forward with a MP. This will cause the opponent to flip out in the air with 2 more hits possible on your Dama ball. While they are flipping out either cross them up with a MK chicken kick or dash under their body to get to the other side. From the dash you can mix up with an overhead (FP or MP+MK or jump forward MK on the way up–yes this is a VERY fast overhead) or go for a low move (d+MK or d+LK). Actually since the Dama ball will push them towards Oro you can jump back with MK on the way up for the overhead as well. You can start out with a MP Dama ball instead of a LP one. This will change the timing and possible followups. You must know how each persons body reacts to getting hit with various Dama balls and aerial attacks. One little thing could make a world of difference. It is also good to note that you can dash over certain characters that tech roll. An example being Twelve, try it. It makes for interesting Dama set-ups.

I’ve refined my methods. Don’t listen to all that other crap I posted before. Here’s the deal. If you put your opponent in a situation where the ball is on top of their body then you can either do a jumping MK on the way up for a very quick overhead or switch up and go low with d+LK or d+MK. The only problem is that the opponent can tech roll. However that isn’t a problem for Oro. You can use dash and walking techniques to alleviate that problem.

Here is a sample trap:

  1. close MP(1)–>qcf+MK–>close MP(1)–>qcf+MK–>light uppercut (charge d,u+LP)–>super cancel into a light Dama ball
    –>immediately dash forward once and begin to walk forward. don’t stop walking forward until you see them tech or start to get up(if they didn’t techroll)–>now either jump uf,MK on the way up(for overhead) or do a low MK. both of these moves have almost identical timing–>if you did uf,MK then you will land behind your opponent and have time to hit either close MK into hcb+FP or a close MP which can be followed up with lord knows what. if you did a low MK you should have time to walk forward and do the same, even repeat it if you have enough super meter! For Yun/Yang you can start it with close MP(1)–>qcf+MK–>medium uppercut–>super cancel into light dama ball.

After hitting any close MP(2) you should be able to super cancel into a medium dama ball and do the same. Dash once and walk forward to do the switch up. You can also dash forward and start to walk forward and if you notice they didn’t tech roll quickly dash forward again. This type of dama ball trick is pretty good for different reasons. One is that it is fairly safe b/c the ball is right over their body as they get up. This makes them have to time a super reversal perfect to interfere with it (some supers can’t even be used here either). It makes it harder to parry as well. Another reason it’s good is b/c it is safe when blocked and you can continue your offense. Yet another reason is b/c it works on an opponent who tech rolls or doesn’t. It also allows you to repeat the trick again if you hit it. Oh yeah, you can also start it from just hitting an uppercut and super cancel into the ball without the close MP. On the flip side it’s weakness is that you cannot do it in the corner. There are other dama tricks for that though.

I haven’t had much luck getting any of the aformentioned setups to work. I think I have an easy set-up though:

Jab or Strong Oniyama xx any punch Yagyou Dama. Walk forward enjoy free combo goodness. The Yagyou completely whiffs and lands behind the knocked down opponent, you walk forward and push them into as they get up and you break their guard with whatever you like. How easy is that?

Hey lookit me cutting and pasting from Tongboy’s unblockable thread!


  1. [strong/chicken juggle]x2, standing strong (2-hits) EX Fireball, crossup jumping mk

As the EX fireball starts on one side of the opponent, the game reads it as an attack from that side. When you crossup, the opponent changes directions, but the attack still technically comes from that side. So, since youre attacking (by way of crossup mk) from one side, and your EX boogie (regardless of its present position) comes from the opposite side, the guard breaks right open when and if you attack with them both at the same moment.

  1. Standing strong (2-hits), fierce fireball xx Fierce SA2, EX Chickenman to cross over the corpse, [I use standing mk to break the guard against the floating SA2, then standing strong to continue the pattern.]

The fierce fireball ends the juggleable state, which allows them to fall through the SA. Regardless of if they roll or not, you will hop over their carcass when you use EX chickenman, as they cant stand up before you fly across them. The SA then catches them in the back of the head as they stand, and as aforementioned, you cant block in both directions at once. So, there, then, and yet, anything you throw at them will break the guard. Standing mk is a solid, quick hit, so I use that. The SA has a few hits left in it if youre quick, so you can use standing strong after that to start over, or just to do some chicken-juggles and build more meter.

The following characters can be crossed-up and therefore guard-broken in the corner:


The other characters cannot be guard-broken in the corner unless they move themselves a pixel or more away from it before the crossup attempt. Ryu, Ken, and Sean can be crossed up only after a backthrow into the corner, whether they techroll or not. Unfortunately, the Yagyou has too much startup time to exploit this.

I find it weird how Akuma can be crossed readily and the other shotos can’t. It’s gotta be the hair. :lol:

ho man this is so cheap. No wonder Oro owns all over Akuma. I can’t wait to spam yagou on Urien’s thong wearing ass. Now if I could just dash under those reflectors we’d be in buisness.

You can dash under the PP reflector, but that won’t help you much. As for Akuma, he can escape any unblockable by just teleporting.

Consarned Akuma!

Ripped from Oro-Man of Gold video

(unblockable goodness.) xx mk chciken kick, xx mk chciken kick, xx mp SA2, dash, dash, jump over grounded opponent xx double jump straight up, land with j.rk break! start all over.
(doesn’t work on twins or Hugo, wont work in corner)

(Near Corner happy reset) xx mk chicken kick, xx mk chicken kick, c.fp xx fp SA2.
(The SA2 is a reset so if your opponent starts parrying just air throw.)

So, in the event the opponent doesn’t parry the SA2, what are the best followups? Can you just start the chicken combo over again once the bogger starts hitting them? Should I be trying for some feirce fireball, uppercut slickness?

booger ball is SA2, just to correct that last post to avoid confusion.

would this work? i have problems doing this but it’s very fancy : xx foward.chicken > xx forward.chicken > 2 hits xx EX Yagou Dama > dash in > xx forward.chicken > xx forward.chicken > uppercut

and that would probably stun too, assuming you get the whole thing connected. the last chicken combo is probably scaled down to a jab’s worth =P

my bad, editied for posterity.

And no it won’t work. EX SA2 only works off a single 2 hit

Replace the two-hit strong for another one-hit, and yes, it works. Doesn’t come that close to stunning, no. If you want to do damage off of the chicken kick combo, just stick to EX Tengu. =)

You can do all kinds of fun unblockables with EX Yagyou, but it’s not worth it at all. Better to stick with the normal ones.

Now for a general overview of the Yagyou Dama…

This super, theoretically, is the best in the game. He can perform 100% unblockables on every character, and the starting meter requirements for everyone except Hugo are very realistic (1 level for almost everybody, about 1.6 levels for the twins, and about 2.1 for Hugo).

Well, actually, to be technical, he can’t do 100% on Hugo if the latter has done 4 taunts in the round. Not like that’ll ever happen in a real match, but just figured I should be complete about this.

Anyway, all you need to land to start these unblockables is a close strong. They all follow the pattern of “chicken combo xx yagyou, put their body over the fireball, jump over them and do neutral jump roundhouse to break their guard, repeat”. On twins and Hugo, replace “chicken combo” with “2-hit close strong”.

So, you are probably thinking to yourselves “Wow, this sounds so broken. How come Japan doesn’t use it?” Well, there are many factors to take into consideration:

  1. Picking this super FORCES you to play for the one hit. If the other guy knows this, it makes things extremely difficult since close strong doesn’t hit low or overhead. It helps to try to use EX fireball and yagyou by themselves to start unblockables, but this still doesn’t make it easy by any means. This is a distinct weakness compared to Tengu Stone, which is effective outside of combos as well as within them.

  2. You cannot be too close to the opponent’s corner when doing this, or else you will not be able to jump over them for the guard break. This is huge, when combined with #1, as it restricts the zone wherein you are at all a threat. This is most true for Chun and Makoto (you need to move them the farthest of anybody to position them over the yagyou), and least so for twins and Hugo (you don’t do chicken combo on them, hence you don’t move them as far as everyone else). This is one area I need to experiment more in, as I know of at least one character (Oro) on whom you can opt to do only one rep of chicken combo before yagyou…there may be more. Additionally, you may be able to do just close strong to start it on some characters besides twins and Hugo. I’ll test this out tonight and report my findings here afterward. But regardless, this is another weakness compared to Tengu…with that super you can be dangerous anywhere on the screen.

  3. You must have perfect execution when performing the unblockables. They generally are harder than Tengu Stone combos. Almost all, if not all, of them are still highly doable in matches (the one I wonder about is Chun-Li), but the chance for failure definitely exists. Keep in mind, you must do chicken combo into yagyou, then position the body, then jump over them and break their guard, THEN combo close strong off of that to repeat.

  4. Perhaps the biggest reason, and the one I’ve researched the least…some characters have reliable methods of escaping the unblockables. Akuma’s wakeup teleport is a clear example. But there is a whole other category I am thinking of: Specials and supers which instantly make the character airborne. I got this idea from a Japanese Urien-Urien match; one of them put the other in a midscreen Aegis unblockable, and the other used a wakeup special that made him airborne (maybe headbutt or kneedrop, I do not know). He took a hit or two from the aegis for negligible damage, but he fell out of the unblockable.

This concept could utterly destroy the effectiveness of this super, as one could always do this to get out. Wish I knew which moves had this property…

So, in sum, picking Yagyou Dama requires you to play for one hit, one hit which can be landed only in a certain zone. You must have perfect execution when you get that hit, and even that may not be enough to keep some characters from escaping.

Not saying this is a bad super, AT ALL. Personally, I could see this and Tengu both being highly useful, depending on the matchup (didn’t TK basically say this when explaining why he ranked Oro #4?). But it’s not the be-all, end-all I initially thought it to be.


Yeah, from what I’ve seen Japan uses both supers depending on the characters/players nowadays. SA2 seems a bit difficult to use compared to SA3, but it has great potential. Good post btw.

About using a headbutt to escape the Aegis unblockable, it works but AFAIK it has to be a reversal (i.e. you’ll eat the combo if you miss the reversal window). It makes some regular combos whiff as well in certain situations (like resets) because Urien is considered in the air and bounces back. My friend says kneedrop doesn’t work, but I haven’t tested it so I’m not sure. So far I’ve only ever seen it happen with Urien, I think very few moves have this property.

I’ll work on assembling a list soon (if no one does it before me) but Hugo’s short backbreaker also works, again, if done as a reversal.

BillyKane, SlimX, thanks for the replies. =)

I’ll tell you right now, one move which looks like it may work but doesn’t is Alex’s stomp. I’ve been hit out of both the normal and EX versions hit with meaty attacks, and he stays on the ground.

Oro’s chicken feet is a possibility, it always works for me as an anti-throw move. Not sure if it’s instantly airborne, but it seems that way.

There are some other types of moves that could get out of the unblockables…supers with a lot of invincibility and rapid forward movement, for instance. The main one I’m thinking of is Chun’s SA2, that definitely looks like it should be able to let her escape.

Another possibility is supers which possess enough invincibility to hit Oro out of his j.roundhouse guard-break. Here’s a list of the ones I can think of (which actually have use in competitive play, mind you…no Ken SA1/2 or anything) which seem like they could do this:

Ken SA3
Dudley SA1/3
Elena SA2
Alex SA2
Makoto SA1
Ryu SA2
Necro SA1
Remy SA2
Sean SA2 (I know, it’s a stretch to say ANYTHING related to Sean has use in competitive play, but…=P)

Now, with all of these you’re probably going to get somewhere between jack and shit for damage, but it’s easily worth it for “breaking” a 100% combo.


I’ve always thought SA2 makes Oro more versitile that SA3 by freeing up all that EX meter. I tend to save up my meter for those one-shot supers, but with SA2 I feel free to throw EX Oniyama or EX sun disk all day.

That being said, and this being the SA2 thread, anyone got any good followups for the c.fp xx fp SA2 reset?