Super art parry vid

Im thinkin bout makin a SA parry vid on the timing of how to parry most SAs and when to interupt them or just for pratical use. I can parry most SAs but some i have trouble with like chun lis SA1 Kikou shou i believe its called. well some SAs i dont know the timing real well and how to parry them and thats where yall come in. Yall think yall can help me in the ones i have trouble .:wgrin:



i already seen the first one. not an exhibition but more of a tutorial of if you will

eh 114 views 3 responces. Guess yall not gonna help me in this one

If training mode didn’t help you, then give up.

Why you need help?
Go parry super arts, record it and post it.
then give up

Why would you need a tutorial? Either you have the timing down or you don’t. All you need is a good eye and a decent sense of rhythm.

eh alot of supers comes down to when you push it. I want a tutorial telling when like before or after the superis initially activated and blah blah. and when you can interupt it. i can parry supers fine. but theres a couple i cant find the timing for like Dudlys SA2, the first kick of kens SA3(yes its parryable).and like maybe 3 others that i havent attempted.

you really running into rolling thunder dudleys?

For both Ken SA3 and Dudley SA2, you have to push forward exactly at the frame right next screen goes back to normal color, it’s a one frame window…
IMO, it’s completely useless to try to learn that (kind of) trick, nobody will use only SA3 to chip you, opponent will probably cancel some poke into SA3, and in this case, you have to red parry that shit…

A way better idea is to train to red parry at best second hit and punish the hardest you can after, like for Ken SA3, red parry second hit, parry third, jump and punish (depends on char you played of course)…


true i was aware but ive seen people use it and it was blocked then punished but it could be useful and after you parry the first one you can interupt with a Shory if ur using a shoto

You take the risk to miss a one frame window just to punish with a dragon punch? lol

Not to mention a shoryu does less damage than whatever punish you could come up with just blocking the super.


i just feel pretty badass parrying a super even if its completely useless.
what abouts Chunglis Kikou-shou close. Yes i know theyll prolly be using SA2 but i think everyone here already knows how to parry that.

Kikou Shou must be guessed: you cannot parry it (not talking about red parry of course) unless you push forward before the flash (black screen)…

Why would you even need to parry a super 90% of the time? Are you really getting into that many situations where people are chipping you to death with them?

well he said he likes to parry then punish

i dont like chip damage =/
scratch that i hate it

Hurts less than getting hit with the super when you fuck up parrying it.