Super Art vs. EX Moves

I’ve noticed from watching videos of the few high-ranked twelve players out there(Chikyuu mostly) that they rarely seem to use their SAs, and instead use their bar for EX moves. Does anyone have opinions on this? If there ever a time when twelve’s SA should be used? And if so, which one?

Twelve’s SA1 should be used for guaranteed situations - hit confirm off cr.LK xx LP AXE xx SA1, cl.MP xx SA1 to punish, sometimes as an anti-air (it’s a gamble though).

His super isn’t that great, to be brutally honest. His special moves aren’t that great either, so he burns a lot of meter on the EX versions. You shouldn’t be building your gameplay around SA1, Twelve simply isn’t designed to be played that way.

LP AXE is cancelable into SA1? o.0;

Dude, that’s his only hit confirm.

cr.LK xx LP AXE xx SA1. You have time to see if cr.LK xx LP AXE hits before the cancel. It’s a really quick cancel (like cr.LK, cr.LK timing for shotos) but yes, it’s cancelable and pretty much the only way he can apply pressure on wake-up.

Hmmm…something to keep in mind. Thanks! ^.^

Exactly. With SA1 you have to confirm, a AA is also possible but too many times I got hit out of it cause the postioning is so hard.

Yeah, I always use it as AA, and it is really sketchy. I’ll have to try out this hit-confirm, since i didn’t know about it until this thread.

If you struggle to get the combo out, remember to pump ALL the motions, regardless of whether it hits or not. So it’s cr.LK xx qcb + LP xx qcf, qcf. I usually do it like qcb + LP, hcf, qf + P because I’m used to SNK style supers. If it hits, drum the punch buttons and you’ll get your SAI.

It’s not as tricky as it seems at first, you’ve just got to have quick hands. It also looks nice when you pull it off :slight_smile:

Do you need the cr.LK? Can you just do LP AXE xx SA1?

it’s just to tack on that little extra damage I believe since aside from throwing, air dash jabs/hk/hp and ex ndl or (if they walk into it or if you use it as a sub-par AA), he has no damage options. lol.

But might just be to keep you close so it actually combos since AXE has the tendancy to push you back alittle.

Hmm…this will require some testing today. Hehe…poor Ryu scrubs.

Watch Chikyuu, Yamazaki and if you can find em any vids of Alex Valle using Twelve. Shit is too good. Oh, and Shogo when ever he decided to play he usually used Twelve and he was actually pretty solid.

Just watch, watch, watch and practice, practice, practice.

Also, I’ve seen Yamazaki do it a bunch but you can x’s 2 into XNDL

Yeah, I watch A LOT of Yamazaki videos. I just recently saw his qualifier for this year’s SBO. Pretty impressive. I’m stoked to seem him and Aruka own it up.

Yes, the cr.LK is necessary because it’s not humanly possible to hit confirm SAI off LP AXE (I think you’re under-estimating how fast the cancel into super is). And it’s primary use isn’t for the extra damage, it’s primary use is as a hit confirm. And it DOESN’T push them out of range, if the LP AXE connects, the super connects.

Conversely, cr.LK x2 xx SAI is unreliable because the timing to link those two together is much harder than a shoto short short super and the crouching shorts DO push the other out of range if he wasn’t at point blank to begin with. Hell, a single cr.LK xx SAI will miss if you do it too far out.

And cr.MP sucks as AA. It’s main (well okay, only) use is building meter.

In short Eznorb, learn cr.LK xx LP AXE xx SAI. If you’re close enough for the LP AXE to connect, the super will connect.

If you want to learn a stupid combo, learn HP AXE xx SAI. Cancel the first hit of HP AXE into the super. A stylish looking finish if they’re stunned (because that’s the only way you’ll land it outside of guessing).

EDIT: Nice rep lol I’m sure you were on one green bar yesterday

yeah don’t focus yourself on learning cr LKx2, super. You cant even combo a cr. LK to super on Ryu unless he’s cornered.

But regardless of what you combo into a super it will push you back, sorry.

I would recomend standing MP, this is Twelve’s only way to hit confirm a super off a high attack.

Remember is 12’s Kara throw too.

Shit is amazing.

really? i’ve heard before that it’s not really worth using, since his throw is so good already.

He barely moves, and his throw range is the smallest (maybe second-smallest) in the game.


:xeye: Twelve? He has the highest throw priority in 3S. And the range is certaintly not that bad.

Who told you he has the highest throw priority? Was it me? Was it someone who heard it from me? Sources point to yes.

That has nothing to do with it. His Actual Range is lower than anyone else except maybe Oro, and Oro’s kara throw is about triple the range of his. Twelve’s best kara-throw actually moves him backward.

N - Seriously, you’re debating Twelve with me? What world is this?