Super Arts II



Okay, I’ve been on Shoryuken Wiki, and to be honest, I was appalled.

I was a Hugo Super Arts II mainer (I switched to III recently but that’s besides the point here) and I feel there was just not enough info posted up about setting up a Super Art II.

Clap (Mp) > Mp > Clap (EX) > Super Arts II

I’ve tested 9001 times, I pull it off in matches alot, it works.

Oh and it’s a reliable anti-air, which may not be so useful against the likes of Chun or Urien, but beats Yun’s pestering Dive Kicks.

Discuss Super Arts II, and someone with permission to update our page, please do so.


SA2 is superb (I think all Hugo’s supers are above-average in terms of power and utility when used properly), but it definitely gets the least love! It’s fantastic for punishing whiffed Shoryus. I once saw my brother activate SA2 the same instant that Makoto activated SA2: Makoto made it to the wall, but her journey ended there. :smiley:

SA2 is the super with which I have clocked up BY FAR the highest damage in training mode (obviously using stun juggles and resets, but still). Considering the fact he gets two stocks, it does INSANE damage.

Have you seen Kuroda’s Hugo DVD? He uses it exclusively against Oro. Really beautiful.


For people who are unsure of SA2 usage outside of the typical Ultra Throw > Clap xx SA2 setup, here are some clips of Japanese Hugos using it in other ways:





if that’s hayao, you can call me kuroda :rolleyes:


Haha. Well I’m sure we’ll never know, but you’re probably right. That Hugo player doesn’t use any neutral jumps and crazy dashes when the timer is low like Hayao, and it’s not even really possible to make out whether it’s even a Japanese match or not after all.

So it must be Kuroda.


After a bit of digging around, it seems that this could well be Hayao using SA2 after all. The video can also be found here, and in the uploader’s text and the comments it has Hayao’s name (???) plastered all over it. Google Translate (though messy) also suggests as such.

If Preflex is to be believed, Kuroda may post here after all… :wink:


excuse me, could you point me to where i said kuroda posts on SRK?

no? then keep your words in your own mouth :nono:


It’s called a joke. You originally said this:

And it seems that IS Hayao. Do I have to explain the joke further?


Saw the video ages ago and pretty sure that’s Hayao.


Btw how does Clap (Mp) > Mp > Clap (EX) > Super Arts II combo?
How do you connect an ex clap after mp on the ground?

I personally use SA2 exclusively vs Akuma so they won’t be able to use those air canes like crazy. Works good vs his demon flips too especially when he wants to do the grab version to get out of the corner. I also use it vs gay kens who just stay back charge then air ex cane cross up non stop.


What… the… I have never seen nor heard of that combo in my life, lol. If that’s in a video I HAVE to see it. That could work if the Clap (MP) was the first hit in a stun juggle combo, but I suspect the Clap would eat way too many juggle points. The only way I can imagine that would combo against a grounded opponent is if they are stunned by the time the EX Clap hits. The numbers for it don’t add up otherwise because the gap between MP and EX Clap is massive:

(Recovery: 12 / Hit Advantage: 0)

EX Clap
(Start-up: 23)

I’ve been using SA2 a lot more recently, it’s a brilliant super. It’s a good blend of SA1 and SA2, and yeah against Akuma that’s exactly the threat you need.


Maybe he meant to say it’s a “set up” and not a combo? As in people might jump after the mp on the ground.


Ah yeah, you’re right. Don’t know if it would work much offline but I can see that being useful on GGPO.


As a Hugo played I use SAIII most of the time but I find SAII useful in some matches and situations, especially because of how much damage you can get out of it.



I still have work to do on my game, but im mostly a SA2 user (except notably on Dudely, Alex, and Ryu). The move OWNS.


just drop sa2 and pick sa3… learn to confirm the claps ,you’ll see the difference, and dont play that 12 player anymore. but thats my opinion.:coffee:


SA3 is overall Hugo’s best super, but SA2 is still loads of fun and has use. Plus Clapping can get you killed in some scenarios.


That 12 was a random ranked match… and I DO know how to confirm the Clap into SA3.


I don’t use SA2 in every single fight. But against Ken, Akuma, Twelve, Ibuki, Remy, Sean, sometimes Makato, and (fucking) Oro, its flat out awesome.


I think sidewinder meant in the YSB sense - using single Claps in general footsies and confirming to SA3 the way he does. Hp.Clap, lp.Clap xx SA3 isn’t the same thing.