Super Battle Network 1st Gig

Super Battle Network 1st Gig
Fun Fair Arcade
Memphis, TN

Well another tournament went well on 3/31 with the reigning champion winning the tournament again. Big shout out to Majin, King Mail, Tad (Nashville and all the others for showing up to the tournament. I will looking into running another one when I return.

Guilty Gear XX Slash

Tad versus Majin - Majin Champion (2nd defense)

Semi Finals
Tad versus King Mail - Tad
Majin Versus Nagi Kun - Majin

Top 5

  1. Big Majin
  2. Tad
  3. King Mail
  4. Nagi Kun (yours truly)
  5. Ian

Just around the corner Super Battle Network 2nd Gig May after I head off to Japan

Good shit guys. I’ll try to be at the next one depending on the date.

I will be in Japan Apr 26-May5 . I think that the next one will be probably May 12th. I think will be also running Hokuto no Ken and Melty Blood around the same time. But we are also going to have a big tournament in July. Send me your information for early registers.