Super Battle Opera 2006 : Play-Asia *PREORDER*

Pre-Orders are up for this year’s (the 4th SBO - Super Battle Opera, Tougeki)

Search “Togeki DVD”

These DVDs are NOT CHEAP. They run $59.90 a piece with the cheapest shipping being FedEx for $23.00. You save 3 dollars if you order 2 volumes at the same time (so you get 2 for $56.90 instead of $59.90.) I ordered all 4 to save $6.00 whole dollars!!

Volume 1: Capcom Vs. SNK 2, Super Street Fighter II X, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike
Volume 2: Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution, Soul Calibur II
Volume 3: Guilty Gear XX

Volume 1: Guilty Gear XX #Reload
Volume 2: Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution, Tekken 4
Volume 3: Samurai Spirits Zero, Capcom Vs. SNK 2
Volume 4: Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, Vampire Savior

Volume 1: Guilty Gear XX #Reload, The King of Fighters Neowave
Volume 2: Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned, Tekken 5
Volume 3: Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, Capcom Fighting Jam

Volume 1: Guilty Gear XX SLASH, Melty Blood Act Cadenza
Volume 2: Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned, Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection
Volume 3: The King of Fighters XI, Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum, Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuden
Volume 4: Hokuto no Ken, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike

I’m prettymuch trying to get them all and all I have are volumes 1 & 2 of SBO3. I’m willing to purchase these DVDs from someone if they own them legit in mint condition. They currently go for like $65+ a piece on eBay so lemme know what you’d like. (Don’t say $60 cuz otherwise I’d just go to eBay).

I’m looking for the following DVDs
Any ECCs
Any NECs

Also were there TXShowdown 1-3 DVDs, or any Final Round ones?

My American collection includes (I’m only interested in DVD releases)

B5: Capcom Vs. SNK, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Street Fighter Alpha 3

Evolution 2002: Street Fighter Alpha 3, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (other games I can’t remember at the moment)

Evolution 2003:
Volume 1:
Volume 2:
Volume 3:

Evolution 2004
Volume 1:
Volume 2:
Volume 3:
Volume 4:

Texas Showdown 4
Volume 1 (2 Discs):
Volume 2 (2 Discs):

Texas Showdown 5
Volume 1:
Volume 2:
Volume 3:
Volume 4:


thank god for McFly! i’ve been trying to find a way to import the latest dvds, cause im really interested in the GGXX Slash and KOF XI matches.

which games are played on which DVD’s

Sadly, enterbrain/Famitsuu use a very narrow distribution system with these DVDs: other than enterbrain’s online shop, only a select few retailers are able to carry these in Japan.

As a collector of any and all Japanese tournament DVDs, I’m also very keen to purchase any DVDs produced for the big American tournaments. Please post any info you acquire on those, McFly.


Even though chris posted the links to all those dvd’s from the eb site it doesn’t mean that they have them in stock. If you see an X then that means they are sold out so that would be SBO1 Vol.1, SBO2 Vol.1, SBO2 Vol.4, and SBO3 Vol.3 are sold out. So to get those your best bet is on ebay.

I’d like to order whatever I can from there but it’s all in Japanese. Can anyone help it out?


I’ll go for SBO4 Vol. 3, I got time, since it doesn’t hit until August anyway.

Still trying to track down SBO3 Vol. 3, I had all the chances to buy it from Play-asia and never did, and now they don’t have any in stock. :frowning:

That is of course the Kuroda / Hayao beasting. XD

P.S. SBO2 Vol. 4 sounded good if one can find it, but not that much since I already have the finals for both of those events. :smiley:

LOL, i truly doubt you’ll find ANY Tougeki DVDs for less than $60. Hell, even used they are like $50. They are expensive, even in Japan, so don’t think you’ll get a sweet deal outta them cuz i’m pretty sure you won’t. Also, there’s a ECC7,8 DVD and a NEC3 DVD. Others are non-existant. For A-cho there are like 3 DVD’s aside from the free giveaways they give on their tourneys. Also TS DVDs start on Vol4.

Everybody make a DVD out of every tourney these days which i think it’s kinda lame, just reserve that stuff for worldwide events (Evo) and release the rest online.

Much love to Preppy for uploading the TOP 32 for Marvel at the ECC. Free and top tier material vids :lovin:

Side question: does anyone has the videos of the NON-official CvS2 tournament in SBO4?

They made a 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3 tournaments on CvS2 (non-official) in SBO4, does anyone by any chance has those vids?
Since it was non-official it would be legal if we have those tournament vids in the web (I guess)

So I ordered the SBO volumes I was missing from Enterbrain’s shop. Hydra623 pointed me to They purchase things from Japanese websites for you and ship it to the US for a fee. They are extremely fast and reliable, but I’m just gonna say it wasn’t cheap. If anyone’s interested in ordering from Enterbrain or any Japanese websites that isn’t fortunate enough to have a Japanese friend you can look there.

The only SBO volume I’m missing from all 4 SBOs now is GGXX#R (SBO2 - Volume 1). Even all 4 SBO volumes from this year came in from Play-Asia.

I’m willing to purchase this off anyone as long as it’s mint.


Try and look on Japanese auction sites like Yahoo Japan auctions or maybe if someone is selling a used one but still in mint condition from, here is a link and see if can order it for you.

840 + shipping for the full SBO collection? That’s a lot of money. You could have imported just about every worthy fighter and a few awesome shooters for about that much.

Playing games>Watching people playing games

If you intend to sell these later at a profit to some rich person, then you have my blessings :wgrin:

Can someone point me in the direction of a cheap region-free DVD player or a solution to play import DVDs on an American region one?

man, the dvds are more expensive than games!?

Ranma or Sugar Land should know about TXShowdown DVDs. It’s a small secret that I’ve got many hours of Texas Showdown 1 footage from Ranma that I’ll be encoding after I get through the Evo footage. :tup:

I understand and respect people wanting to sell DVDs - it just is frustrating when the ability to buy those DVDs disappears and thus that footage disappears from the scene. I’m tracking to track down and get the rights (where/if possible) to publish old out of print stuff - hence the three GameST vids I’ve put up recently (defunct company, TMK), and some other olllllld gems that will be coming up as the year goes on. (If I step on any toes, please let me know - where it’s been possible to get in touch with someone, I’ve done so and in all cases gotten clearance.)

As far as SBO4-week non-tourney CvS2 footage, I think Gavin ( ) recorded some footage, and I put up ~3-6 matches. I would again like to point out that I won a match in the CvS2 3 on 3 tournament, which is the highlight of my CvS2 career. :lol:
I’d never been to Japan before, so I mostly was having fun instead of recording hardcore. If I go back next year, I’ll likely be more coordinated.

The sad thing about the SBO4 DVDs is that I just wanted Third Strike, and I ordered 1,2,3 I think. I’m stupid. :lol: I’ll give them away as prizes or something, I guess.

Sell them and buy yourself a new stick :wgrin:

well I ordered SBO4, VOL 2,3 & 4

Damn I mean, I’m willing to pay for the DVD. But 12,200 yen (the cheapest on Japan Amazon), is $104. Then there’s the double shipping + rinkya fee. I can wait for now.

Yea I collect a lot of fighting game DVDs… and own the fighters already. I’m stupid like that.

Anyway Preppy… I recently ripped like all my DVDs to an external drive… something like 400 gigs of fighting game dvd isos…some DVDs… not quite as old as you’re probably looking for, but I could send you a list if you care and see if you wanna get the rights to re-release shit like that.