Super Battle Opera 2009 DvD


where can i find this dvd for sale, i would lov to buy it


I thought they were going to sell the dvds with the Arcadia Magazine this year. You can get the issues from play-asia for example.


i heard that as well, they aren’t anymore?



You can set up a subscription for the magazine here:

I guess they’ll just ship it to you then. The magazine is all in japanese writing, but at least you can look at the pretty pictures and DVD’s.


Not sure about this but you should preorder it first because from what i have observed, the oct issue is already out of print/sold out on the day it releases.


I’m interested in that DVD, but it’ll be $20+ after shipping.


ya it is quite a lot for a magazine with dvd…


come on, 20 bucks is not that much. that what dvds alone usually cost

are they gonna show all the matches though? or just a few from each game? if they’re only going to show like 5 matches then its not worth the $20


do we need a subscription to get a dvd? or would it suffice to just order an individual issue? both of the games i’m interested in (sf4 and vf5) are on the same dvd so yeah…


ya, does the dvd come with all the matches ? Can someone confirm this?


^^^^ This

If it includes all the matches i’ll definitely order


Since you get one DVD each month for each game, I’d think it contains all the matches from that game. It’s not ONE DVD. It’ll be several, given with the magazine throughout this and next year.


Bear in mind these DVDs will probably be region encoded, so make sure you have a region free player before ordering if the encoding is confirmed to be true.




This is just speculation though… they could just do something like put the qtr’s onwards, or even just semi’s/finals


but werent the previous dvds contain all the matches throughout the entire tourney?

here are the list of matches that will be included on the dvd.

apparently they don’t have all the matches included =/


Is that all, SF and VF? What about GG and BB, are those games just not included on the list or did they really not make it onto the dvd?


No, they don’t. We didn’t even get to see all the matches in person, some just weren’t put up on the screen.

First Round
[Team High Motivation] Itabashi Zangief (Zangief) / Fuudo (Ryu)
[Team Bushinryuu Tonight] I-Hara@Bushinryuu (Dhalsim) / Shizuoka Saikyo (Blanka)

First Round
[Team More Gatekeeper] Sleepy King Makoto (Vega) / Dan (Ryu)
[Team THE BOY] Tokido (Akuma) / Ojisanboy (Sagat)

First Round
[Team Kapital] Justin Wong (Balrog) / Marn (Rufus)
[Team G.EXPLOSION] Kigunasu (Sagat) / Naiki (Rufus)

Second Round
[Team Neko Punch] Bon-chan (Sagat) / Togawa (Ryu)
[Team MomoDevu] Kindevu (Rufus) / Momochi (Akuma)

Third Round
[Team Umenuki] Umehara (Ryu) / Nuki (Chun-Li)
[Team NamaDashi] Dashio (Viper) / Namameso (Honda)

Third Round
[Team EitaSon] Maeda Taison (Balrog) / Eita (Akuma)
[Team 2D Shinto] Nemo (Chun-Li) / Mago (Sagat)

[Team NamaDashi] Dashio (Viper) / Namameso (Honda)
[Team Chicken Groove] Shiro (Abel) / Iyo (Dhalsim)

[Team KOF Style] Gosho (Rufus) / Kyabetsu (Viper)
[Team 2D Shinto] Mago (Sagat) / Nemo (Chun-Li)

[Team KOF Style] Gosho (Rufus) / Kyabetsu (Viper)
[Team Chicken Groove] Iyo (Dhalsim) / Shiro (Abel)

Not all of the matches, but these are probably the majority of the ones you will want to see, including the Vega player who took out Ojisanboy and Tokido.