Super Battle Opera Qualifiers Japan updated their website for this past week’s qualifying rounds. Unfortunately I could only manage to translate the characters used and not the player’s names. Also I’ll only do the 2 Capcom games that are on the game list for Super Battle Opera.

3rd Strike (2on2, top team qualifies, teams must use 2 different characters):

NOTE: BOLDED entries mark area qualifiers and therefore they have qualified for SBO. Unbolded entries are arcade qualifiers and still have to go through an area qualifier in order to get into SBO.

01/10: Munakata and Ocha (Dudley/Yun)

01/15: Uni and Shirujin (Necro/Akuma)
01/15: Kowabba and Uraken (Yun/Akuma)
01/16: Shimatsuya and Shougun (Akuma/Hugo)
01/16: Kokujin and K.O. (Dudley/Yun)
01/16: Ibuki12 and Eriho (Ibuki/Hugo)

01/22: Dainama and Moto (Dudley/Twelve)
01/22: 3110 and I Hara (Chun Li/Twelve)
01/22: Umezono and Matsuda (Chun Li/Yun)
01/23: Teppe and Momochi (Elena/Ken)

01/29: Makeinu and Makeneko (Q/Ibuki)
01/30: Robin and Yoga Master (Chun Li/Urien)
01/30: Daikichi and Tsubo (Akuma/Yun)
01/30: Match and Shibuya Bloli (Akuma/Chun Li)
01/30: Abominable Snowman and Hirai (Akuma/Ken)
01/30: Hiroken and Cat’s Day Nekonohi (Yang/Ken)

02/05: Thanatos and Hijiri (Oro/Elena)
02/05: TKP and Koide (Dudley/Ken)
02/05: Nomoto and Ruu (Akuma/Ryu)
02/06: Georgia and Pistachio (Ken/Twelve)
02/06: Dirty Music and Aruka (Oro/Ibuki)
02/06: Yamazaki and Zangoef (Twelve/Alex)
02/06: Aoi and Jaiko (Oro/Makoto)
02/06: Hirochan and Chou-Kimura Saori (Oro/Elena)
02/06: Goeman the Landlord and Dog Disciple GOE (Yang/Ken)

02/11: Messatsu Yarou and PinoAB7 (Urien/Necro)
02/12: Uni and Tsuribito (Necro/Akuma)
02/12: Hajinu and Yuu (Chun Li/Yang)
02/12: Shirokuro and Hoshina (Chun Li/Makoto)
02/13: TKP and Wata R (Dudley/Yang)
02/13: Meru and Gomu (Remy/Chun Li)
02/13: King and M e 1 (Yun/Ibuki)
02/13: unavailable

02/19: Tsucchii and Issei (Chun Li/Yun)
02/19: Virtual hand-to-hind fighting game idol Ibuki 12 years old and Real net idol Horie Yuusuke 25 years old (Ibuki/Hugo)
02/19: Maru and Yuu (Alex/Chun Li)
02/19: Inoue and Suzu (Oro/Chun Li)
02/20: Y.S.B and Pierre (Hugo/Urien)
02/20: Kurou and LB (Yang/Urien)

02/26: Roshihikari and RX (Yang/Urien)
02/26: Hayao and Kuroda (Hugo/Q)
02/27: Hikone and Nakanishi (Ken/Q)
02/27: Hige and Ueno (Ken/Ryu)
02/27: EBI and Kuzu Otoko (Elena/Chun Li)

03/05: Dir and Higashi (Yun/Ken)
03/05: Afro and C13 (Urien/Makoto)
03/06: Rosihikari and RX (Yang/Urien)
03/06: Hijiri and Thanatos (Elena/Oro)
03/06: Ama and Moririn (Q/Ryu)
03/06: Muro and G Deka (Ken/Yun)

03/12: Nanaichi and C13 (Ken/Makoto)
03/12: Sonshi and Jooyuu (Ken/Chun Li)
03/12: Nakanishi and Hikone (Ryu/Ken)
03/13: 3110 and I-hara (Chun Li/Twelve)
03/13: Tsumuun and Red (Remy/Ibuki)
03/13: Aatan and Mokomokofu (Chun Li/Ken)

03/19: Hige and ? (Ken/Ryu)
03/20: Raoh and Nitto (Chun Li/Yun)
03/20: ?25 and ? (Hugo/Dudley)
03/21: Nuki and Daigo (Chun Li/Ken)

03/26: ? and J (Necro/Makoto)
03/27: ? and ? (Twelve/Alex)

Capcom Fighting Evolution (2on2, top team qualifies, teams must use 4 different characters):

NOTE: BOLDED entries mark area qualifiers and therefore they have qualified for SBO. Unbolded entries are arcade qualifiers and still have to go through an area qualifier in order to get into SBO.

01/08: Mago (Karin/Kenji), Nitto (Demitri/Urien)
01/10: Otoko (Rose/Chun Li), Shimatsuya (Demitri/Jedah)
01/10: Nakanishi (Guile/Rose), Haitani (Demitri/Karin)

01/15: Dan (Ryu/Karin), Daigo Umehara (Urien/Guile)
01/15: Umezono (Rose/Leo), Teruchika (Felicia/Anakaris)
01/16: Y.F. (Demitri/Karin), Ayanami Lilith (Anakaris/Jedah)
01/16: Toki no Tobira (Hauzer/Leo), Chikyuu Sodom (Hydron/Anakaris)
01/16: Jyaian (Demitri/Sakura), Umachou (Hauzer/Hydron)

01/23: agOFC (Kenji/Leo), Hiro!FC (Karin/Hauzer)
01/23: Komemaru (Karin/Kenji), Remio (Yun/Urien)
01/23: Tinka (Jedah/Urien), Shiina (Anakaris/Guy)

01/29: Tabatake (Ryu/Karin), Namameso (Hauzer/Urien)
01/29: Matsuda no Zangi (Zangief/Urien), Gori (Guy/Demitri)
01/29: The Kasai Jedah (Jedah/Karin), Rui (Anakaris/Leo)

02/05: Shirou (Jedah/Yun), Iyo (Anakaris/Chun Li)
02/05: ? (Ryu/Demitri), ? (Guile/Jedah)
02/06: D44 BAS (Karin/Anakaris), Otaku (Jedah/Kenji)

02/11: ? (Leo/Anakaris), 555 (Demitri/Kenji)
02/12: DRN? (Felicia/Hydron), DNP? (Jedah/Yun)
02/12: ? (Jedah/Leo), ? (Guile/Demitri)
02/12: ? (Ryu/Guile), ? (Felicia/Sakura)
02/12: ? (Leo/Zangief), ? (Felicia/Rose)
02/13: 777? (Jedah/Karin), ? (Anakaris/Urien)
02/13: ? (Yun/Karin), ? (Jedah/Leo)

02/19: ? (Jedah/Karin), ? (Anakaris/Urien)
02/19: ? (Felicia/Karin), ? (Jedah/Kenji)
02/19: ? (Guile/Demitri), ? (Karin/Leo)
02/19: ? (Jedah/Karin), ? (Anakaris/Kenji)
02/20: ? (Zangief/Guile), Y.H.V.H (M. Bison/Jedah)
02/20: ? (Sakura/Karin), ? (Guile/Chun Li)
02/20: Toma (Guile/Rose), ? (Karin/Jedah)
02/20: ? (Jedah/M. Bison), ? (Karin/Kenji)
02/20: ? (Ryu/Rose), ? (Demitri/Leo)

02/26: ? (Guile/Leo), ? (Rose/M. Bison)
02/27: ? (Jedah/Urien), ? (Karin/Anakaris)
02/27: ? (Hydron/Anakaris), ? (Leo/Hauzer)
02/27: BUY (Guy/Demitri), ? (Leo/Urien)
02/27: ? (Rose/Demitri), ? (Leo/Jedah)

03/05: ? (Ryu/Jedah), ? (Sakura/Karin)
03/05: HSE (Leo/Hauzer), JYB (Rose/Anakaris)
03/06: ? (Urien/Jedah), Taka (Karin/Demitri)
03/06: ? (Kenji/Guile), ? (Jedah/Anakaris)
03/06: ? (Kenji/Rose), ? (Guile/Karin)
03/06: ? (Karin/Urien), EBI (Felicia/Rose)

03/12: ?Tim (Guy/Ryu), ? (Jedah/Guile)
03/13: ? (Ryu/Guile), Oji (Yun/Urien)

03/19: ? (Jedah/Demitri), ? (Karin/Urien)
03/20: ? (Anakaris/Demitri), ? (Jedah/Urien)
03/20: Toma (Guile/Rose), ? (Jedah/Karin)

03/26: ?R (Jedah/Karin), ? (Leo/Urien)
03/26: ? (Rose/Yun), ? (Kenji/Anakaris)
03/27: ? (Zangief/Guile), ? (Felicia/Jedah)
03/27: EBI (Rose/Felicia), ? (Karin/Urien)

If anybody could translate the names of the qualifiers it would be greatly appreciated.

Ocha played Yun, Munakata played Dudley, i’ll do the rest later

2005/01/08: Mago (karin/mukuro), Nitto (demetri/urien)
2005/01/10: Otoko (rose/chun-li), forgot these kanji (demetri/jedah)
2005/01/10: Nakanishi (guile/rose), Haitani (demetri/karin)

i just scanned kana quickly… apologies if any mistakes were made

How does SBO work, in tersm of I guess its not like EVO where u can just enter, so u have 2 qualify first and then you can play in the tournment and also what is the prize when u won ?
Is it like Evo or nowhere as good

judging from the sbo1 dvd, sbo is much more extravagant than evo. sbo has player intros, lights, fog machine, big screen. overall, everything is just nice. to be part of SBO you need to qualify in a certain region of your choice (i think). not sure what the prize is…

yea i checked that site out cool yea i watched both sbos havent watched a whole evo event but from what i seen sbo is the better tourney. as misterbean said its alot more extravagant its kinda like gamesmaster but with fighters lol anyone remeber the VF challenege on that with jap dude beaten every1 KO KO KO lol ahh that was funny.
But yea im looking forward to this years sbo some new games their it should be good.

Myself and a few other Okinawan Military types will be going for the T5 Quals next month, cheer the Gaijin on, guys…

There wasn’t a qual round for CFJ in the Okinawa area…Fucking BS, niggas still play it here…

To Tougeki!

Where was the last SBO held at? From the vids it looked like a giant warehouse or something?? Prolly wrong though.

Wasn’t it the famous fighting/pro wrestling arena Kouruken(sp?) Hall? Or am I thinking of a different tournament?

Thanks Bloodriotiori. I will keep editing the first post as more results come in.

The second player’s name on 1/10 for CFJ is Shimatsuya

iirc its prize money its the first big tourney in japan to have cash prizes i was told

cash prizes? are you sure? Japan doesn’t give out cash prizes… its considered a form of gambling

box: you want results for all games?

What prizes do they give out instead of money?

i forgot the prizes they hand out… i had videos of past awards handouts of tougeki~~

i’'m guessing they’re prizes provided by the actual game companies sponsoring the tournament (namco/capcom/snk etc) so they would be rare prizes and trophies signified by that company (whichever game you placed in)

The 1st post has been edited to show the qualifiers/characters for CFE and 3rd strike. has updated for week 2 results. Again I could not read the names of the players and I only could get the characters. If anybody can get the names it would be greatly appreciated.

Things of notice. CFE is showing a lot of characters qualifying. 15 out of 21 I believe. And in 3rd strike not a single Chun-Li or Ken has qualified yet.

01/15: ? and ? (Necro/Akuma)
01/15: ? and ? (Yun/Akuma)
01/16: Umeken and ? (Akuma/Hugo)
01/16: Kokujin and K.O. (Dudley/Yun)
01/16: Ibuki12 and Eriho (Ibuki/Hugo)

I don’t know the rest. Akuma’s doing really well so far.

Thanks billy. First post will be edited.

I would’ve bet on a KO/Boss team.
I guess they aren’t friends anymore


Remember, Akuma does better in Single Elim.