Super Battle Studio! (Fighting Game Maker)


Hey everyone! Long time lurker here…

I am programming a fighting game maker called “Super Battle Studio.” It’s basically a point-and-click editor that will be able to create high-quality 2-d fighters. I’m here because I know that nobody knows their fighters like SRK know their fighters and I’d like to get some input as to what specific features you’d like to see. I know I haven’t given a starting point, so be general! Feedback from the community is vital for this project’s success; I’d like to give back to SRK what it has given to me.

Suggestions could range anywhere from…
“Completely point-and-click!”
“Unlimited character slots!”
"Allow us to commercialize our fighting games!"
Tell me what platforms you’d like to use.
Tell me what platforms you’d like to port to.

Describe your dream Fighting Game Maker! The sky’s the limit. Go wild. I’d like to use this thread as my own personal dev log as well, so that you all can read up on progress. Let me know!


edit: I forget SRK is full of idiots these days and think they’re smarter than they really are. This thread will probably flush itself down the toilet just because of the people it attracts to come and read it. I won’t be offering any further anythings to this thread because the 2010s have taken over.

If you want to make a FG Maker, don’t ask anybody here anything. Just read the GGPO boards and see why that netcode is preferred, check out CASTER for Meltyblood PC for a simpler albeit very functional method of dealing with netcode and focus on making a commercialized version of MUGEN. Pretty much everything anybody wants is right there without the hassle of sifting through the garbage.


pics or it isn’t happening.


Customizable buttons along with button and input priority. Should include window between each individual input in frames (directional/button) and overall input window for the move in frames, and what moves have priority over others (like SRK having precedence over Hadouken).

Also Xiii I had a programmer read your post and he thinks you’re retarded FYI.


these kind of threads usually end up all talk, we’ll see.

what language are you using? what platform are you targeting? do you know how a fighting game engine can work and should work at all?

the fuck is a neutral object in a fighting game


It’s totally unpolished, but I’ll upload a pic of the sprite editor as it is.
Up top you can upload a sprite sheet, and below you create sprites that are associated with

This project first started out as an engine for the iPhone. I was making an engine out of my love for fighters and wanted an easy way to spit out class files from a simple point-and-click interface, where I was visually able to see where my hitboxes and sprites lined up as I defined them. As of right now, the platform is programmed in Objective-C for the Mac, and ports to the iPhone, as well as plays as a game on the Mac using OpenGL. I realize the Mac isn’t the ideal platform for most fighting fans, so that’s why I’ve decided to see what features you’d all like to see. As the program expands, I would love to hear what features everyone would want. Right now I want it all talk…

A neutral object? I think he means he wants actions that’re categorized by a player, rather than categorized by the engine to give the actions a sense of ownership.


Will watch your project with interest, sir.


Well, first and foremost you need to make sure that the engine itself is solid. If it’s like Mugen then this will fail from the getgo, so you need to make sure you know what you’re doing.
But hm… Let’s see… Specific suggestions…

  • Able to have 1vs1, 2vs2 and 3vs3 (as well as handicap matches like 2vs1). Include options for either “Set” style (like KoF) where you can’t switch on the fly, or “Tag” style, where you can.
  • Implement a fair amount of damage scaling.
  • This is sort of a post-development sort of thing, but create an official hub for downloadable characters, stages, skins, etc, and have a team of moderators that will make sure characters and such are made with a specific level of quality and reject blatantly badly made characters. Of course, you should allow people to still export their creations as “Unofficial” just to be nice, but only things that could be considered close to perfect quality would be “Official”.
  • In the same vain as above, create “Classes” for characters. For example, “Street Class” characters would be similar to SF/KoF characters, “High Class” characters would be characters made for faster engines like MvC’s and such, and “God Class” characters would be characters that are blatantly and intentionally overpowered.
  • If the “Class” system is implemented, include options in the game to only match your chosen character(s) against characters of equal class, as well as higher or lower class, depending on what sort of challenge you want. (For example, having a handicap match of 3 Street class characters vs 1 High class character)


It sounds like you’re taking on a similar task to CSGames over here: Fighter Creator

Perhaps instead of working on two engines you two could pool your resources as he’s already quite close to complete. Particularly if you can offer GGPO services instead of having to rely on Lunaport.


But Mugen already exists.

And yea, apologizes to the OP for coming off a bit harsh. There’s been countless thread about someone making a fighting game but very few of them auctually produce any content. I still remember SFIsMahJawn trolling the threads with Steve Wilkos.

Keep up the good work and try not to turn it into King of Marvel vs. Capcom vs. SNK Pro Fighters…unless of course that’s your original intent.


Well, with this sort of project, Fighter Creator would be like, for more serious developers, while this sort of thing would be like a fighting version of GoAnimate (The point and click animation movie program.). Rather than make him sacrifice his project in hopes for another, just keep working on it, and maybe, MAYBE we’ll see it in action, say…20 years from now. (Just kidding.)


My suggestion, if at all feasible, is to make multi platform (win/mac/linux). Even better if you open source it.


Windows is a must. No matter what happens, make it Windows compatible.


Multi platform will come later, for sure. As far as making it open source, I’m going to have to feel it out after the engines been out for awhile. I’m not even sure if the program will be free/paid/whatever yet!

I started out the program on a Mac simply because of it’s original purpose: To make fighters for the iPhone/iPad. After I get a fully working program release, rest assured, a Windows version is soon to follow!

How important is the social aspect of it? Meaning, would you all be interested in “trading” characters and/or stages? You’d be able to send over a single file and view/use it in your own engine. A little window pops up: “John Doe would like to share a character with you!” When you accept, “Ryu” is downloaded into your folder for you to play with… or does that seem pointless? I’d like the game to be integrated socially, such as having a buddy list of people that you can battle/trade. Maybe even lobbies GGPO style.


I’ve no clear idea about your words, I’m still studying it.


If this thread ever gets filled with shit and goes to hell, then I’ll extend you an open invitation to post this in Tech Talk (we we tolerate no 'tards).

That said, this thing needs to be on PC at the very least since not everyone is willing to work on a Mac just for one FG.

-Scripting: even if it’s point and click, the developer should have the option to manually script things if need be.
-Frame by frame hit box editor.
-SOCD detection/cancellation: The system should be able to detect and deal with SOCD (Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions). When two opposing directions are held, only one should register.
-Customizable AI

Also, sharing characters sounds like an iffy feature at best and not something you’d find in a serious fighting game development tool (or competitive fighter). The only characters that should be usable in a completed project should be those that the developer put in.

Actually, you really shouldn’t focus much on the “social” aspect (outside of forums). It’s a development tool after all and not a game. Your first goal should be to get it to be as robust as possible as a development tool.

As for commercialization, you probably need to either make it Open Source, or have some form of Software Development License.


make it idiot friendly, for people who are NOT PC savy…like me, for example.