Super Bowl 44 commerical discussion thread (Doritos Wins!)


Discuss your faves!


way to go, CBS. Colts promo down the drain


LMAO @ Larry Bird…that was good


Good thinking, my man. I was going to make the same thread.

Dwight & Bron commercial wasn’t bad.


they’ll all suck



lebron vs dwight sucked for being cg. i mean why not get some and1 people who actually can do those moves they cged.


Last Airbender looks pretty good, but the whole “casting” issue is still a hot topic for discussion to say the least.


that was Dwight Howard bro


caught me before i could edit it…damn lol.


haha its all good.

and that Last Airbender trailer was actually impressive. WHAT A TWIST!



as long as m.night shamlamamama doesnt try any funny twist ending shenanigans i think imma be happy. he’s fuckin wit me with these teasers though haha. too hype.




i wanted to see the house fall


Cause no one know who the fuck they are. :coffee: How many Americans know who “Air Up There” is?


still havent lol’d yet.


Bears SB Shuffle rehash was not funny.


that was straight up disturbing.


it was offensive


Keep your hands off my mama.