Super cancel demon video

Ryu’s super is fun to use and usually easy enough to connect against another fireball spammer, just fireball + hp.fireball and one will absorb your opponent’s allowing the 2nd to bypass completely. That’s all good, but we shud get in the habit of super canceling for akuma!!


It’s not very practical, but if you pull it off in a public match, wow.

Edit: I’m sorry it didn’t come sooner to my attention/realization, the inspiration behind this was from Loltima’s super shenanigans. [media=youtube]G01BpuU6dUk&feature=channel_page[/media]
Yeah i wouldn’t have know this existed otherwise. thanks

I like that

looks sexy, but is the other character stuck recovering by the time you get to them? also would it work vs focus absorb specials? or how about vs a gief throwing a PPP lariat at you mid-close range?

I swear that you or someone else already brought this up in another thread. At the very least, you could have just linked it in the video thread.

As for the setup, it works I guess, but I seriously doubt they wouldn’t be able to just jump out in all of those setups you showed. If you’re going to psychically predict a fireball from super close range, you might as well just combo and dish out better damage.

Better consult JR on this one.


more characters.

the only setup I came up with is f throw and a well timed LP FB -> cancel super if done right and they try to block the fb super will grab them right as the FB is inside them. ->thank you FrankdaDank for helping me come up with this setup.

-if they jump fb hits them
-if they focus (stupid) supered
-if they backdash ??? maybe supered maybe not?

Below me

_if done right and they try to jump fb hit’s them I’ve done lots o testing in training mode with ryu

it will take a bit of prediction, but shotos recoveries are around roughly 44-46 frames and none of that is spent blocked, or jumping over the fireball, but straight thru.

like i said, highly impractical but very cool.

A great and well known Akuma player who does well in tournaments such as EVO. Here’s my fight with him, [media=youtube]boILgFEn5dA[/media]. I scrubbed out badly. The final score was 30 - 3. Gotta practice for a few more months before I go for a rematch.

It’s interesting you link to that video, doesn’t JR attempt a similar tactic using shaku?

It looks like it has a lot of potential, but not by reacting to his fb with a super cancelled fb.

Rather by buffering your every fb with a super and finishing on reaction if you see the opponent happened to match it with a fb of their own. Thus making sure at mid-range, your fb always wins.

I’ll have to play around with it a bit and see.

Well when I first saw this I assumed if you blocked it the Demon would grab you but I don’t know if this is true due to block stun but I’ve seen JR use this against opponents in Third Strike who would die from chip damage if they blocked the fireball and so they parry it, and by doing so they get caught by Demon. I’d use this though simply for the fact that it looks cool.

I used an ex-fb just for effect but nevermind that. There’s no blockstun because the fb never hits, qcf+lp, lp, f+lk+hp and away he goes. He catches the person (from less than full screen distance) before the fb hits. Naturally the player will be blocking, therefore stationary and susceptible to be grabbed. Any decent player will jump out though.

This really works i cant believe it. good thread!

wow thats cool

Ive done a Lp Fireball FADC ultra Demon. But the super one seems more useful. Thanks

It works from max. Super range.
From close to midrange the fb hits and super whiffs because of blockstun.
Full screen doesn’t work because of super-range.
But how do u time that, so that the fb hits if they jump.
If they jump forward, they will pass fb and super-demon and can start to punish.
They should even be able to jump-kick you out of demon.

I used it today to end a match while he was dizzied.
I followed the FP shaku and FP srk him, it looked absolutely stunning.

But outside of shenanigans I really can’t see a practical use

JR = Mr.Demon.

That’s cool as hell. :nunchuck: