Super cancel from left to right


Hi guys. I’m a fairly experienced 3rd strike player. I’ve played it on and off since I got it on
**Dreamcast back in the day. I’ll be the first to admit I’m by no means great, but I’d say I’m slightly above average. Anyway, I’ve always had a problem canceling into my super art when fighting from left to right, and I can do it from right to left every time. I use a stick ( hori VX). I expect most responses, if any, will be you suck or you just need to practice it over and over… but if any quick tips could be given, I’d appreciate it. **

I play on xbox live. My gamertag is like o like h, if anyone cares to add me. (the o is actually a zero)


Dude… get the fuck off the boards with that shit.

Jk lol actually I had a lot of trouble executing double qcf supers in 3S when I got started even outside of a combo - I could do it really slowly, of course, but if I wanted to hit just a raw super in an actual game just to punish or whatever, I’d rarely get it. Never played a game/character where I used double qcf moves (save for ST Ryu and I struggled with that, too).

You’re talking about having issues when you are on, at the start of the round, the player 1 position, right? That’s funny because I have the opposite issue, finding player 2 side significantly harder to execute consistently.

Regardless, one thing that helped me a lot other than just training mode/practice was by total coincidence right as I was having that problem stumbling into a Daigo interview where he shows the way he holds the stick… We hold it similarly except that I was floored that he actually wraps his ring finger around the metal rod of the stick below the ball. I tried this and actually found that it helped me very much to reach the final “forward,” especially when on player 2 side, because my problem is always getting SRK instead of super, meaning that I stopped at down-forward or hit punch before getting to forward. I haven’t consistently maintained “The Daigo grip,” but I found that pracicing it with that grip for a while just made me more aware of where my stick actually is within the gate.

Do you play on stick? haha

Last thing I’ll say is that for a lot of the hit confirms in 3S, there has been a big delay between landing them very consistently in training mode and landing them EVER in a match, because that extra tension in the match will be enough to put me in that rushed state of mind where I either get the SRK or get cr. short stand short instead of cr short x2 etc. etc. If you can hit them in training mode consistently, I would focus on continuing to practice in training mode until it’s super automatic and you can hopefully keep that “relaxed” physical and mental state when you have a chance to hit in during a match.


Thanks very much for your reply. I’d just updated that I do play with a stick as you posted. And yes I do mean the player 1 position. Like with Chun Li, into SA2, I will almost always execute the super too late when playing from player 1 position. I randomly get it every now and then. It really puts me at a disadvantage
against the better players, as I always find myself trying to get to the right side of the screen to perform my SA. I will definitely try the grip you mentioned and see
if that helps. I know I’ll just have to practice in training over and over until it becomes natural. But yeah, thanks again!


Play on a hitbox like me and be unable to do 360s or left-facing shoryukens in exchange for perfect QCFs and right-facing shoryukens.

Changing the way you hold the stick probably helps. You’re on a HORI, so you probably are using a Sanwa JLF- series stick. By default, they have square Japanese-style gates. You can buy octagonal fighting gates or circular American-style gates on Focus Attack and they’re very easy to install. If this isn’t an option, get a friend and just play him in a first to 50 with you on whichever side. Not much you can do besides grind it out.


There really is no other solution than practice. You can try an octo or circular gate if the square gate seems odd to you, they do make rotational motions easier for some.


Practice. There is no quick fix.


Hey Olive, by left to right you mean your character is facing right?

I find, as a new player, the execution barrier can be frustrating at times, especially because no one online can/will articulate the procedure. I will try to articulate as best as I can.

I’m going to assume you’re using an ball top arcade stick. Since you’re doing a cancel into double qcf right, the motion has to be fairly fast, so I don’t recommend you to go back to neutral (or pausing) after doing the first qcf. Try using the input shortcut to do one fluid 450 motion: down, down-forward, forward, up-forward, up, up-back, back, down-back, down, down-forward, forward. Or, you can do: down, down-forward, forward, (omit the up-forward to up-back and pull straight from forward to back) back, down-back, down, down-forward, forward.

Make sure you hit the corners. When I hold the stick, my index finger is at the near apex of the ball top. If the very top is 12’o clock, my index finger would be at 11 or 10’o clock. When I do double qcf to the right I, go from neutral to down, and push the ball top to the right with my index and middle finger until I feel I hit the corner. Then, bring the stick upward to the right. I tried Daigo’s hold initially, it didn’t work out for my character (Makoto). According to Daigo, that hold is more suited for SF4 (he used the wine glass hold for 3S if I remember correctly).

Here’s a vid on top 3S player’s hands, pick your favorite:

My hold is similar to Mimora’s (goto: vid’s description), except I don’t use my ring finger to do any pushing (because it fucking hurts).

If you’re are doing a link or a hit confirm, you’ll have extra time. Use this time to do the first qcf, let go and go to neutral and do the second qcf. As someone who is starting out, make sure to do (push) the qcf’s forcefully so you’ll hit the corners.

Remember to not be anxious and do one fast, sloppy polygon motion. If you’re not getting it, aim to just have the super come out after the normal (it doesn’t have to be a combo–you can do the normal, pause, then super), then you can proceed to speed up. It’s a tedious process–I still need to go and practice every so often (especially if I don’t touch the game for a while)–so don’t get discouraged, because you’re playing a man’s game.

Edit: If you’re practicing w/ Chun, try doing down mk first, pause, do the super starting from down. Make sure you’re executing the super correctly from down before comboing the whole thing together. Essentially that’s what xx SAII is; you’re just integrating 2 separate moves into one motion.


No disrespect at all, but I totally disagree with this advice, especially doing 450s. When I play with a square-gated stick, I am never able to get any motion correct while hitting every corner. In fact, on square gate, the exact opposite helps: moving the stick as lightly as possible to ensure not getting “trapped” in a corner of the square.

It’s probably best to just go into training mode and find what motions work best for you. Also important are gate shape (see this) and grip style (see this). Nothing we say will fix the problem, just keep trying it!


You’re right. I’m using an octal gate, so that’s probably the difference there.


Yeah, the point of square gates is that you’re NOT supposed to hit the corners. They’re made to be sensitive in order for lighter(and in a sense, more precise) movements. This is why I prefer squares over octagons: the latter feels like they were made for some sort of middle ground but it just ends up a hindrance. That’s just me talking.

Anyway, I used to have a similar problem, right down to not getting fireball motions right when on the 1p side. All I can tell you to do is practice. Worked for me, and now I can do dumb simple stuff like Makoto’s HP->SA2 on either side.


My personal preference for sticks are circle gates, but I’m using a Hitbox until I’m done building mine. Keep in mind that I usually play grapplers, so easy 360s are the deciding factor for me. The How-to Hitbox series makes 360s look like a breeze, but it’s not true at all!


I can’t imagine doing 360s on Hitboxes. Way too much effort for my brain to process how those work. haha

By the way, before anyone takes this statement the wrong way…

You wouldn’t believe the amount of people that have trouble doing this combo on one side or even both. I was one of them. lol


I don’t see any actual advantage to octagonal or circle.
Not even for 360s or 720s. Since in both cases when you’re good enough you don’t touch the sides at all. Even on circle, riding the sides would just be slower.

The whole concept of the ‘hitbox’ makes me cringe.


Don’t get me wrong, the Hitbox is amazing for non-grapplers and even half circle grapplers. I love it for KoF13 and for Alex. Triangle jumping in Marvel is a breeze with a Hitbox, as well as things like Makoto’s instant air Tsurugi. The control is really precise without any extra effort and I’m definitely not parting with my Hitbox after I’m done making my stick, even if I don’t use it any more.

I’m able to do 360s on square gate. But I don’t think that square gate is IDEAL for 360s. I don’t like having to be precise with my execution, that’s why I play grapplers in the first place. And square gate requires more precision for 360s or even quarter circles that circle-gates just don’t. I don’t think it’s an “advantage”, I can totally see why someone wouldn’t like circle gates, it’s just a matter of preference. Octagons are strange, they’re made with the edges on all directions. I’d like to see an octagonal gate with the corners on the directions a la Gamecube controller. I could really get behind that.


this guy cant do supers… its nothing to do with his gate. he just needs to practice.

i recommend staying with the square gate and never mess around with anything like that.

using that hitbox thing is just hindering you. i suggest throwing it in the garbage. :slight_smile:


Hindering me how? I’m able to execute (most) basic commands. It’s not the Hitbox’s fault I can’t do 360s or left-facing shoryukens with it. It’s my own.


the concept of that thing is dumb. you have to hold a button to block. you have to hold two to block low. blocking is the most important thing in this game. sure you can do some shoryus and supers but that doesnt make it good. i dont care what anyone says, that thing is a piece of crap.

trust me, the sooner you get rid of that thing the sooner you will improve.


Oh come on. What’s wrong with holding buttons? I would use a keyboard if I could. They key board is so precise. Down back is precisely down back. Other than super jump towards the left, everything else is very intuitive. I guess I’m too much of an execution noob. D:


It doesn’t make it any more difficult to block. If I could do 360s more consistently with it, I wouldn’t be making a fight stick. It’s not difficult to hold down a button… If you don’t care what anyone says about it, there’s no point in talking to you about it. But controllers are 90% preference, and my preference for non-grapplers is the Hitbox.


thanks for the posts guys. just by changing the way i grip the stick has already improved my ability to super cancel from player 1 position even in an actual match. now i’m realizing just how flawed my game is beyond that. i’m terrible against genei-jin yuns and makotos.

i fear i may be hopeless. ha