Super Cancel HELP!

I need help super canceling SAII to the high jump. I don’t know how to do it period.

the motion for a super jump is to press down and then up quickly. when you do the super jump motion for chun’s SA II, then you should have hit up by the time or a little bit after the last kick hits your opponent.

You should hit up around the same time you would parry that last hit. Unfortunately the follow up is character specific, I think. Those can be found somewhere around these forums.

Does anyone know the timing for the “late” SJ cancel on the last hit? I can SJ cancel normally just fine (jump as soon as the last hit connects), but if you watch top Chun Li players (All Japanese, Justin Wong, Fubarduck, Amir, etc) they all SJ cancel a bit later than normal. This allows them to connect Fierce -> F.Fierce on every character. I’ve spent so much time in training mode trying to get the timing down for this but I can’t figure it out.

Any ideas?

Thanks, I’ll try it.

doesnt fierece fierce connect regardless of this late timing?
AFAIK there isnt any variation in the timing.

Seconded. If fierce fierce isn’t connecting, you might be starting the chain too early, which is what I often do. You can definitely do it off of a regular sjc.

on twins+alex etc., well…boot up cvs2, do lvl 1 kick super and learn how to time jumping rh rh. basically late sjc, try to see for the moment where you no longer see chun, and start to sj. both hits of fierce fierce hit there.

if your having trouble doing it period, you can always just mash up and down on the stick in the direction you want her to go during the whole second half of the super. i do that allot if i feel worried about my execution at the moment and want to hit it for sure.

there is a variation in timing apparently, late cancel = hits fierce twice AND for some chars then MK [hits very late]

Yeah, I’ve pretty much got the lace sjcancel down now. I time it by jumping right when the “Ay” sound of the last hit finishes. I’m still not 100% on it, but it is just a matter of practice now.

a second perhaps after he leg has fully gone up and opposition is airborne , max Y- screen height wise

spamming super jumps throughout the super for starters works very well, then just gradually limit the spamming as you get an idea where specifially u need to do the super jump input.

Thanks i tried this, and now i can SJC consistently.



That shit really works, you’d be surprised