Super Cancel Problem

So whenever im playing usf4 in training mode, arcade mode, or just against people, a super comes out of nowhere when I didn’t want to do that. Like for example with Ken, I throw a fireball near my opponent and then it just cancels into his super(w/ meter obviously). I’m wondering if it’s the way that I’m holding and moving my stick or if usf4 has shortcuts for double qcf. Or anything else at all. Is there any answers to this?

Yes, there is a super shortcut in SFIV. Down, downforward, down, forward works if I remember right.

Turn on input display in training mode. You are most likely being sloppy.

It’s not just being sloppy the input leniency is so retarded that people like Bonchan and Momochi use ex fireballs when they got full meter just so that they do not accidentally use super.

Happens the same with me, but when i do the motion of Shoryuken. One way to fix this, in my case, is to do: forward,down,forward,downforward.
So, you end the motion with downforward instead of forward. Maybe it works for you.

You could also be holding the button too long and accidentally using negitive edge to activate the super when ur just trying to walk forward

SRK is just Forward, Down, Downforward anyway, or, 6,2,3