Super Canceling into S.A. 3

Super Canceling into S.A. 2

how in the hell do u super canel karate chop into s.a. 2

canceling your s.a.3

well, the list you can do to s.a.3 is… karate chop cancel then crouching MP, then hayate… but of course the move is suicidal, when a player has its super you may choose not to do it… but, after the hayate you can do the crouching low kick then hayate… or command grab… anyway its a mind game too…:evil:

I apologize but i meant S.A. 2 cause I people do the karate chop into it liek it’s nuthin’

its easy, use mp chop and dont be WAY far of the corner, more like 2/3 is okay, not entirely fullscreen

not that you’ll catch anyone with it, unless your cheymuru, jab hayate yang out of the air, fierce hayate, fierce hayate, dash crosses up chop xx SA1

too fkn good

its all in the jab…

well, you can do the LK j.hayate like 2x then LP for the overhead chop…what do you call that?:confused:

lk jump hayate??? wtf

im guessing you mean this

lk xx jab hayate, lk xx jab hayate, overhead…

well you can call it a mixup, but think logic: makoto doesnt have any lowhitting special moves, which means players will just block high after a lk… not to say her whole game is broken now, but to say ex chops are harder to connect if your opponent thinks outside the box