Super Cancellable Normals

For Kyo in c groove, which of his normal attacks are super cancellable?

I’m trying to add kyo to my team of Iori and Benimaru. Iori is the R2 for me. My theory behind this team is to use Kyo’s power first and play a slow game, then completely change the pace and rush with beni. Iori is my strongest character so I use him as cleanup. Feel free to leave criticism’s of my team too.

Got this from some random faq in game faqs :slight_smile:

Special Move Combos
3 Hit: Jump In Fierce - C.Fierce - Fierce Koh Ken
5 Hit: Jump In Roundhouse - C.Jab - C.Strong - Roundhouse Lightning Legs
Knockout Kick
6 Hit: Jump In Roundhouse - S.Strong - Fierce Kyoku Gen Kick Dance
16 Hit: Jump In Roundhouse - S.Strong - Fierce Zan Retsu Ken

Super Move Combos
7 Hit: Jump In Roundhouse - S.Fierce - Level 3/MAX Haoh Sho Koh Ken
19 Hit: Cross Up Jump In Roundhouse - S.Jab x 2 - C.Strong - Level 3/MAX Ryuko

EDIT: Just thought it might give you an idea of what links and what cancels. Would appear he has similar cancels as everyoen else.

EDIT: Yes, I am bored. Im at work damnit!!

lol that makes two of us. Working and bored also :lame: . I like Kyo almost as much as I like Iori. His DP+p move just feels somehow inferior to Iori’s though, I dunno why. Is it slower? I know it only hits twice, haven’t checked the damage though. My iori is R2 though.

Why did that guy put Ryo’s combos down? Anyway a real good normal that cancels is Kyo’s standing roundhouse. Only a level 3 serpent wave will connect from far, and the roundhouse avoids sweeps. is cancellable into a super only, while most of kyo’s other normals cancel into any thing. I beleive his only normal that you can’t cancel is close and far s.fp. Also, since you use c-groove, here a combo you can do:

Annthing ( jump-in’s, etc.) into qcf+k, k, Level 2 Serpent wave, qcf+k, k, Level 1 Serpent wave.

It takes a good amount of life and you can start by connecting some shorts into qcf+lk, k. He might have stronger one’s, but I’m not sure cause I don’t use C-groove Kyo. Here his corner combo:

j. hp, c. hp, qcf+ mk or hk, k, dp+mk, level 3 serpent wave.

I know this combo takes off a shitload when raged or activated, but I’m not sure about in C. You dont need a jump-in tho, you can start by a into qcf+mk,k. This also isn’t exactly a corner combo, you just need to end up in the corner for the super to connect.

hahaha, i dunno, i mustve been on crack :slight_smile:

Lol, don’t feel bad bro… I tried a few of those combos without realizing they weren’t for my character hahaha. I think i’m the bigger moron here.
I tried playing Kyo in A-groove. I like the ease of some of his roundhouse CC’s i got off . Good stuff, and real easy. But for xbox live play I gotta go c-groove, the lag on my connection makes it hard to pull off good CC’s