Super Chunanigans


Shenaingans or tricks with super

Lp fireball, walk up super or walk up hp, super
Jump in combo super

What you may not have heard of:
Lightning legs to cause proximity block, walk up a bit, after legs end when op is walking forward, super

Corner j sbk to float over fireball, super during endlag of fireball (this one looks so good when it is landed)

Walk up c mk, super- does not quite combo, hard to do, but cool
Neckbreaker kick to get over fireball, super

lk sbk whiff, super. since this move leaves Chun open afterwards an op may walk forward expecting to punish, only to get hit by a super
dodge balrog super, retaliate (RAAAH THIS MIKE TYSON!)

walk forward, crouch block an attack, buffer super motion during block stun, super

just be dumb and spam lp or mp and charge then let the super go

Safe jump, block an srk, super xx upkicks

not super related, but hk lightning legs does ridiculous damage. use it some on the opponent’s wakeup.

that’s all i can add, feel free to put in more.


It is possible to cross someone up when they are knocked down and then super.

You can hold offensive crouch to stay in place with super charge. You can use this to punish a jump-in and probably a neutral jump. If you time it just right against a jump-in, you can get all the hits and the upkick. You can also just try to wait and bait a fireball and super through it on reaction.