Super Combo don't seem that useful

I don’t understand why Ultra Combos are so much stronger than Super Combos. Aren’t Super Combos the main special in the game, with Ultras being a secondary?

For some characters, 4 Ex moves seems to do more damage than a Super Combo, and with super combos being easily punishable if missed, they make me wonder whats the use of them? Sorry if this sounds like a troll thread its an honest question.

Why I think Supers are useful:

*- They’re a reliable way to kill off an enemy when you know it will just barely kill them, and you’re on lethal damage. Its your only hope then instead of trying to hit 4 ex moves.

  • The priority can beat some other super combos (like Ryu’s against Ryu’s, though I never tried that.)

  • They look Cool

  • Its good to have them at the start of round 2 or 3 before you opponent gets an ultra.*

Why I think Super Combos are not useful:

*- They do less damage than 4 ex attacks+their combo options

  • They leave you wide open when you miss.

  • Saving for a Super Combo can take a long time and by that time usually one of you are about to die anyways.

-If you have a Super Combo, they have an Ultra Combo, and can counter easily.*

Tell me, is it safe to go into matches with this mentality? I rarely used Super Combos except when I needed the big damage at once to finish off an enemy who can kill me in one hit.

you’re MOSTLY right with a few exceptions like Ryu’s that take so many options away from the opponent because of the fear of them

This thread is really unclear man. Are all these questions rhetorical besides the last one?

Sorry about that. The main questions are:

Are super combos as useless as I think they are? Or am I just a noob who doesn’t know how to maximize their potential? Am I a scrub for preferring 4 ex attacks over a Super?

useful supers:

the damage of 4 ex attacks on their own is usually better (like ryu who could do 4 ex tatsus for 800 damage instead of one super for 300) but you’re actually twisting the math and missing a lot of non-numerical variables if you look at it that way. (it would be more appropriate to actually look at doing an ex tatsu as adding 40 or less damage because you could probably have substituted HP SRK into that combo instead)

the good supers let you capitalize on situations where you otherwise couldn’t, which is kind of like adding a whole free combo (another ryu example, but if they just jump anywhere you can probably find a way to plow em with the super). if you’re not getting a lot of big combo opportunities, a super can let you take one of the few you do get and turn it into a bigger one rather easily.

of course certain characters are better off using the properties of their EX moves because they’re more valuable (el fuerte’s ex run, honda’s EX slap has some crazy uses) so it depends on your guy on what you should do.

I agree with everything on this list, also Gen’s Mantis Super not Crane, and you forgot Dan’s Super Taunt.

really you’re comparing 4 EX move to super? that’s like saying 4 st. hp are stronger than a bnb so therefore combos are useless. you can’t compare it like that.

Supers tack on damage that can dictate, alter and keep the momentum of a fight in your favor. Think about what you’re comparing…you’re comparing the damage of one super versus four ex attacks…that you can’t/won’t hit one after the other. You’re not going to hit four ex fireballs in a row, but you can hit a j.rh, cr.fp~hadoken~shinku at the beginning of a round and take a huge lead though. The lead will pressure your opponent to go on the offensive, and you can sit back and swat him out of the air and counter the rushed offense that is bound to ensue.

Supers have their place within the flow and strategy of the game. They aren’t as damaging as ultras, but are more accessible (for the most part) and thus, burning 4 stocks isn’t such a bid deal when you build meter at a decent rate.

abel’s super is great.

easy hit-confirmable combo off of close standing LP, MP, HP, or crouch HP…

The Mentality you want is Build meter safely and spend it wisely.

Some Characters rely on super punishes (sim?) some do not (sagat?)

Just a couple of things to remember:

  • You can cancel a special into a super, so for hitting supers (ie. not grabs) you can tack that super guaranteed onto the end of almost any combo that ends in a special move. Because you’re not just throwing it out randomly, you don’t need to worry about being punished for it. It just becomes free extra damage.

  • Doing four separate combos with an EX stock each may do more total damage than one combo into super, but keep in mind that it means you need three extra chances to land combos. The super allows you to get a reasonable amount of damage in one go. A more fair comparison would be, say, like one combo into super plus three regular BnB’s; this usually does comparable damage or better. The same idea more or less applies intact for using your super meter for two FADC combos as well, unless the character in question has a particularly good FADC into ultra. (and yes of course it’s same thing again if you’re mixing and matching with two EX combos and one FADC combo)

Generally, a character is better off saving up for the super than using EX stocks if they don’t rely on their EX moves to keep themselves out of bad situations, and/or they don’t have a strong FADC into ultra. That’s a reeeally rough way of looking at it but it’s right more ofteh than it’s not.

Actually the argument that using 4 EX stocks in 4 seperate combos causes more damage overall is flawed. For most characters, using an EX stock in a combo usually causes only slightly more damage than an equivalent non EX version, and the total difference is not equal to the full damage of a super, even over 4 EX stocks.

EG Guiles’ EX flash kick only causes very slightly more damage in a combo than a normal RH flashkick, so it may be worth saving that EX for his sonic booms or even for a super, as overall he will gain more options or damage, depending on which options he chooses to store that meter for.

Took the words right out of my mouth.

Um, I type loads out then firefox decided to spazz and I lost it all so here’s a brief summary:

Using Seth as an example his super does massive chip damage, is incredibly difficult to avoid without risky guessing by the opponent and will suck someone in from fullscreen. His most damaging midscreen combo without using 3 bars and ultra ends in super, and his most damaging corner combo does about 5 more damage and is much harder to execute. So in short - certain characters have incredibly useful supers, however some other charactersz you’ll basicly never be using the supers of.

Sim’s super is badass. Definitely my favorite among all the supers.

Balrogs Super is definitely usefull as well. Just watch Keno play, completely taking away the opponents option to focus any dash straights.

Supers, like Ultras can limit your opponent’s options. Once Ryu has Super you can’t really do anything.

That said, yeah some Supers aren’t that worth it because some chars need meter for defense, or zoning, or sometimes their EX moves just leave them with better options. With these characters the fact that sometimes you find yourself with a full Super meter is more incidental than planned. And even then, you might not even want to use the Super at all. eg. Guile doesn’t really want to get near his opponent. If he’s on the other side of the screen with a life lead, his EX Booms are much more useful than his Super.

like El Fuerte with EX Run. I’m actually kind of glad that Fuerte doesn’t have that great of a super. I won’t be tempted to use it. More ammo for faster running and more dmging Guac’s.

It’s very dependent on character.

As a rufus player the only time I use meter on super is if I 100% know it’s going to kill them and it’s the last round. Otherwise I’m saving it for EX.

With Dhalsim, Ryu, and a few others the supers are very useful however.